HQP filter or settings for POP music.

Please help. What is best settings for HQP if i listen only mainstreamp POP music. I know this music have very low DR (loudless war). Also listen band Two steps from hell but this music have very bad mastering. Is some settings which can improove it? . Another pop which listen are: Pink, Sia, Christina Aguilera, Dua Lipa… . I dont listne opera, jazz.
My setup is:
DAC: Eversolo DMP A8
AMP: Advance xi 75
Speakers: Xavian Persla Exclusiva

THX for any opinion.

I would use the akm velvet sound filters. They have a certain nice sound. Not a high resolution and clean hifi sound, but a bit coloured and just easy and nice. Good match with pop imo.

akm velvet filter? I dont see this filter in HQP.

Those are the internal filters of your dac. In other words, I wouldn’t use hqplayer for pop. You don’t need the very high resolution of hqplayer for pop, and the akm internal filters seems to be tuned for pop, it just sounds right and nice to me.
Also for movies, a little bit of warmth, smoothness and grunt with the akm velvet sound. Not neutral, but good sounding when resolution and neutrality is not needed.

about. I’m sorry I understand you now. And is there anything that can be done about the bad mastering? I mean when I listen to songs that have low Dynamic range. For example, music from Two steps from hell. Yeah, it’s not pop, but it sounds really bad.

Best to just use Roons PEQ filters to adjust tonality and make the sound more bearable.

The slight changes that HQ Player’s modulators and filters will afford won’t ever help with your “problem” and transform the music.

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Yes, that’s bad. You can’t polish a turd, but you might be able to hide the smell. Often loudspeakers which are considered “bad” with a boomy sound might give a more enjoyable sound with this kind of mastering.

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And would you have any type of which frequency in PEQ to change? Maybe which type of PEQ to start with? I think I miss the kick drums when listening to music. Like it drones too much but it doesn’t kick.

How i can hide the smell? :laughing:

Alternatively, could anyone post some PEQ presets to use with the music from Two steps from hell?

Don’t take it personal, but to get what you’re seeking is going to be straining your 150mm mid bass ported woofers beyond their limits.

What’s your usual listening level, how big is your room, what are the furnishings?
Try to describe perceived tonality and ambience as good as possible with words to convey what it’s like currently.

I have also connected subwoofer focal sub 600P. This subwoofer is set up 70 crossofer frequency and cca 35% volume. It rumbles enough. It just doesn’t kick as they say. The room is 5m x 4 m. The furnishings are slatted flooring with no carpet. Curtains on the window, there is a wardrobe opposite the repeater and next to it under the window is a sofa. I listen to the music quite loudly I just don’t want it to rumble for the neighbours sake but rather to kick in.

and the subwoofer is placed under the desk next to me as I sit.

Do you high pass your speakers also?
Give us numbers …
Sub woofer is deep bass, no kick to be found there anyways.
Kick is in the mid to upper bass region, see …

What numbers do you need? Can you specify? My speakers you can find here:


I’ve looked up your speakers already, as could‘ve been gleaned from my post farther up …

We know, you’re low pass filtering your sub at 70Hz.
I’m asking, if you’re high pass filtering your book shelf speakers to hand over to the sub, or are they running full range?

I dont know. I just plugged them into the amplifier. How do I find out what you are asking? Sorry I don’t understand it.

I have the BYPASS function disabled on my amplifier. So I can control the bass and treble. Is that what you mean?

You’re obviously running the speakers full range and add your subwoofer to that, which explains your statement …

Maybe things are more satisfying without that sub, or if you turned down its crossover frequency to the lowest setting (40Hz).

OK I can set those 40 Hz and see. And how do I set it in PEQ? Do you have any presets? I would need to set the PEQ to listen to the band Two step from hell which is currently playing horribly on my kit. That’s why I also bought a DAC DM A8 . I have my DAC amplifier in but I thought with an external DAC it would play better but it plays ■■■■■■ anyway. I understand it’s badly mastered but so if there’s any way to clean it up.