HQP losing sync when Roon progress bar is tapped to jump forwards

I have a question about Tidal progress bar.

When I want to go further in a Tidal track, I don’t see how far is it possible to go (until HPQ lost sync)
Is it possible to see in the progress bar, the progress loading of Tidal track ?

Hi @Lionel_Briot,
I’m struggling to understand what this issue is … could you post a screen image to illustrate it.
Also what is “HPQ” ?

Hi Carl
HQP = HQPlayer (audio output)
sometime, HQPlayer lose the synchronization with Roon, specially when I read a Tidal track.
My first idea was that Tidal track is not loading to fast when I want to go further in a Tidal track.
After many tests, it seems that it’s not this delay which causing this issue.
This issue is that HQP lost sometime sync with Roon, even with local files .
difficult to screen, because only a short temporary message appears

Hi again @Lionel_Briot,

HQP I see … sorry I was a bit slow, my brain failed to make this connection when I read “HPQ” your post.

I’m don’t use HQP … but I’ve just tried playing a Tidal track (not in my library and never play before) as soon as it started playing (2 seconds in) I tapped Roon’s progress bar and jumped to about 10 seconds from the end of the track. The music hardly had time to stop before the it started playing from the new time code.

I then jumped backwards to the middle of the track, again a seamless transition.

Could you try this too, ie without having HQP in the mix and share what you behaviour you get.

At the moment I’m thinking what you are hearing is the latency within HQP … having that error that pops up would help to track this down.

PS I’ve re-titled and moved this topic into the HQ Player section.

Hi Carl,
thanks for moving this thread.
It’s not the HQP latency, I know it.
In attached files you will find the error message in Roon, sorry in French.
and 2 HQP log files extract, one OK and one KO (when sync beetwen Roon & HQP is KO)

Don’t know if I had to share this with HQP developer ?


error message on Roon

log file when sync is OK

log file when HQP is KO

This is a case where the DAC fails to start for some reason, notice the 10 second time difference from last log message to the “push to FIFO failed”. This is the timeout when HQPlayer gives up, because CoreAudio has not asked for more data for 10 seconds.

Maybe there’s a hint in macOS system log, but I suspect UAC2 problem. What is the DAC in question?

Hi Jussi,

My DAC is an HEGEL HD20 (24/192)

IN with numerique cable
OUT with analogique cable

thanks for help