HQPlayer 4 Desktop 4.11.2 stops from working [Resolved]

I’m having some problems with the latest version. The music plays for a while, then it pauses, it plays again for a second and then it stops working altogether.
I have to restart it in order to make it work again. But the same thing repeats.
I’m running it on a Mac and the endpoint is an Ultrarendu.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Any errors in the log file / status bar when that happens?

I’ll try it again in a couple of hours and I’ll report back.

Also OS / platform used is useful info.

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   # 2021/06/03 19:15:29 NAA output clNetEngine::Execute(): clSocket::Send(): send(): Bad file descriptor
! 2021/06/03 19:15:29 NAA output clNetEngine::PushSDM(): clNetEngine::SendStreamSDM(): clSemaphore::Wait() (2509)
! 2021/06/03 19:15:29 clHQPlayerEngine::Execute(): push to FIFO failed
  2021/06/03 19:15:29 Stop request (reset)
& 2021/06/03 19:15:29 Stop...
- 2021/06/03 19:15:29 Playback engine stopped
& 2021/06/03 19:15:29 ...stopped
  2021/06/03 19:15:29 Set volume: -3 +
- 2021/06/03 19:15:29 Control ended from

This is the last part of the log.
I’m running HQPlayer Desktop on an intel mac on the 11.3.1 version of Mac OS X.

Nothing special before the first ‘#’ line? This looks like NAA connection has disappeared.

Not to my eyes. Just the regular engine start procedure. Should I send you the log file?
The thing is that when I switch to roon on the Ultrarendu, the playback is without any pauses or stops.
But the network load is clearly different so maybe that’s not relevant…

I’ve reinstalled the NAA on the Ultrarendu and now everything is back to normal.

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