HQPlayer and Audiolense XO

Hi @Dirk_Beckers , I’ll reply here so others can share their experience too

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Convolution filters loaded to HQPlayer as WAV can perform all the needed frequency/phase/time corrections. No need to use any other software or device to process the filters.


Thanks Jussi!

So after creating the full filter setup with Audiolense XO, a simple export to .wav file and then split the multichannel .wav file with Audacity to left-/right-monowav should work perfect with HQPlayer.

I’ll give it a try.


No need for Audacity anymore.

Audiolense XO outputs mono WAV files that HQP needs and can be PCM353kHz

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Regarding sample rates: I need a fileset for each input sample rate? The only output I’m generating with HQPlayer is SDM/DSD256, the only input is PCM but with different sample rates 44.1, 48.0, 88.2, 96.0, 192.0. And yes, rate switching is done by the RME ADI-2 pro magic Jussi implemented. :slight_smile:

HQP will convolve mathemagically at the source music sample rate

Example, if max sample rate of your music is PCM192kHz then just create 192k mono WAV

No need to create a big set at different sample rates (different to Roon)


Wow! Seems to be a perfect solution!

Yep putting mono WAV files into HQP is the easy part , like with Acourate

The tricky part is generating good performing correction files!

Can you remind me what is your DAC and amp and speaker and sub setup again ?

My understanding is the Audiolense provides the mechanism for measurement and equalisation for multiway setups. So it offers an ideal solution for crossover and convolution generation.

You can probably do the same thing via REW, overlaying responses etc.
Probably a bit more fiddly. That’s how I do it.

Yeh Jussi is specifically talking about the convolution engine.

Of course HQPlayer can’t do the room measurement itself.

Use whatever program you want that will export mono WAV filter files.

I use Audioense for 3-way DSP XO, speaker correction and room correction

I can feed HQPlayer any digital source (or analogue if I wanted)


I know using Audiolense and generating a good filter is no easy going. After I installed and get some first impressions. Will see.

My setup (then): Antipodes S30/Roon server - DI20-HE reclocker - RME ADI-2 pro - HQPlayer - DI20-HE reclocker (a second one) - Canever ZeroUno DAC - Canever Olimpico amplifier - B&W 803 D3

@grizaudio I played a lot with REW. But at least it’s a simple frequency flattener or equalizer. If you want corrections in time domain - and these are the most important corrections for a perfect sound - you have to use REW together with Rephase.

Rephase is a monster in useability, I didn’t understand how to get it work. That’s why I hope Audiolense XO gives more useability and better user support.

Ok this should be much easier to use Audiolense than mine

You are doing more simple 2 channel

My 3-way DSP crossover plus 2 subs is trickier. That’s 8 individual channels to measure and correct

You can get lots of help at the Audiolense forum section at AV Nirvana

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Yeah I have used rephrase and REW to setup my multi-way crossover and room correction which is managed by either PEQ air convolution in Roon.

One of the limitations I have is not being able to feed additional inputs like spiff, toslink from my interface into Roon.
This is a pain, so Roon is my only source atm.

You suggest it’s possible to feed additional inputs into HQplayer. This of interest to me, can audiolense also do this, or is the software only used for config and export?

Thanks so much

Yeh I have an entire thread dedicated to this

I’m doing it everyday

Dirk himself can now feed any digital coax, TOSlink, AES3 and analogue source through HQPlayer.

Better keep that discussion to that thread

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Well not Audiolense XO but there is a seperate Audiolense Convolver program

Feeding the Convolver from an external digital source shouldnt be too hard but getting automatic sample rate switching is a different problem

But we can do it with HQPlayer due to a special feature that HQP has with RME ADI-2 specifically (as an input to HQP, not using its D to A)

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I’m using a three way convolution.
Do you know if HQplayer handles this?

So 6 channels if channels are individually EQd for room

See few posts above:

HQPlayer can handle 64 channel cinema if you want and if your computer can handle it (and if video system can compensate for DSP audio delay)

I have different bass profiles setup that I can choose while music is still playing.

Old albums without enough bass, I can choose a small bass boost profile.
Or the opposite with new music,

Or i can leave as “neutral”.

All profiles created with Audiolense XO, so they are tone controls but done the proper way.

And all while music is still playing. Using HQPDControl app on iPad.


I made the B&K curve for 5.1 and the Dolby curve for Atmos contents. :grinning:

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I’d like to see what those two curves look like. :slight_smile: JCR

My journey into DSP or DRC starts here. I have a YT from Mitch Barnett to start me off.

Quick question on Audiolense though, is it Windows only, or could I use it on Macmini or Linux too.

I’m leaning towards Mac rather than i9 12900k, mainly due to size, plus I have a iMac that I could still use the screen. Also work colleague can get 15% of as staff discount, so Mac is half price of i9.