HQPlayer and Audiolense XO

Dabgbb it’s already daunting enough, no need to rev us up😄

What’s the tricky part of working on the correction filters?

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You can get good filters in the first week.

But there’s a bit of an art (trial and error) to changing different parameters to minimise pre-ringing in the step response.

Takes time to develop the kind of target curves you prefer.

Just takes time to “chip away” at it and continually improve

To put it a simpler way - your first set of filters that you load into HQPlayer will 100% not be your last :grinning:

:smile: many of us are tarred with the same brush aye…. The improvement of sound!!


At least these changes result in very easily measurable differences and cost nothing (but time!).

Unlike some other parts of our hobby that cost a lot hehe (we’re all guilty of it)

I find this more easy for beginners

Seven steps towards making and using a basic correction filter
The first times the Audiolense is run it should be operated in the following sequence:

  1. Configure the speaker setup
  2. Measure the speakers.
  3. Filter the measurements.
  4. Draw a target curve (or open existing targets) 5. Generate correction filters.
  5. Save filters.

Seems this can be done on Mac OS with parallels right?

And also this part from what I was reading

But here I don’t know where to find this value for my speakers :loud_sound:

“crossover frequency to be 630 Hz, as recommended by JBL.”

I don’t see crossover frequency value on my ProAc DB1 close to that range.

Not sure. I don’t have PC/Mac in speaker listening room.

So I measure with a laptop (steps 1 and 2 in your list).

Everything after step 2 I do on iMac in different room. Big screen and i can do it while listening to music on headphones and take my time.

I never measured using Parallels. I’m not going to move big iMac into listening room to try :smile:

You linked Acourate article there. Need to read Audiolense link I shared :grinning:

This is for DSP crossover. Not relevant for you until you rip out your passive crossover to do DSP crossover - next step ! :smiley:

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My mistake :sob:!

Thanks for pointing that out! Got mixed up :pray:t2::loud_sound:.

Will study :open_book: it again!

Many thanks :pray:t2:

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I’m thinking on starting with Audiolense 2.0 for my small settings.

My listening area is actually everyone’s place.

On top I have my HQplayer dedicated machine with windows 10 on a small mini desktop with i71200k /16gb RAM/250GB SSD.

I could use UMIk-1 usb connected there and for the output audio can I use the computer headphones Jack and connect this to amplifier for audio out?


The distance from speakers to listening area is around 1.7 meters and the speakers are around 1.3 m apart.

The flat TV is also connected to the small pc, so it can be used after for looking at graphs :chart_with_upwards_trend:.