HQPlayer and Multiple NAAs in the House

Is there an easy way to remotely switch the device output and convolution settings in HQPlayer? @jussi_laako

In the basement, I have a dedicated Mac mini running Roon and HQPlayer 5. This goes to my NAA and listening rig down there.

Upstairs in the office, I’d love to be able to easily tell HQPlayer to send the signal to an NAA in there instead of the basement so I can enjoy the beauty of Roon + HQPlayer on two different setups in the house.

Is there an easy way for this to be done remotely so I don’t have to go into the basement to change the HQPlayer output NAA and change convolution whenever I want to listen upstairs?

I remote into the computer running HQPlayer to change things.

Thank you, that’s a great idea, and very well could be the solution!

I’m curious if there’s a way to get even one step simpler than that?

Can I run HQPlayer client on a MacBook, iPad or iPhone and easily switch the NAA HQPlayer is outputting to, and, change the EQ preset in the Pipeline?


Or, can I run another copy of HQPlayer 5 Desktop on my MacBook to control my Mac mini that’s my Roon Core and handling the processing for HQPlayer? (devices are on the same network)

There is HQPlayer Client, but, I don’t see how to change Outputs with it. I do use it when I don’t feel like putting Roon in the middle. I think that the feed from qobuz sounds a bit tighter going straight through HQplayer’s client.

If you want to stick to your Mac Mini +HQDesktop then the only way is to access via remote screen share. It’s extremely easy once setup, particularly if your client is also a Mac and you use the ‘screen sharing’ app. You can just leave it running minimized as well.

Thanks for the info on HQP Client; exactly what I needed to know.

Wasn’t aware of this built-in app—got it set up and working perfectly! THANK YOU!!!

Is there a version of this that could work on iOS as well? To control the Mac mini remotely via an iPhone?

The best solution I found in brief research is Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Most elegant solution is switch to HQPlayer Embedded

Control everything on iPad

You can easily do what you want by through the screen share and utilizing the settings import/export feature of HQPlayer Desktop. This way you can switch all settings at once to match the output you want to use.

I’m not familiar with that import/export feature; that sounds great to be able to change many settings at once. Can you please explain how to use it, Jussi?

When you have set of settings done, export those settings to some file using the option in HQPlayer Desktop’s File-menu. Then make settings for another endpoint and export it too. You can now switch between two different setups by importing either settings file using the corresponding option in File-menu.

Settings file includes all things from Settings dialog, matrix dialog, etc. Library is not included though, that is separate. So you can maintain just one library but multiple output setups.

@jussi_laako, can the HQPDControlv4 app on an iPhone switch among saved setups without having to remote into the HQP server itself? JCR

No, this feature is not available at the moment over the control API. It is on my TODO-list though.

Any possibility of making the 2 show up as two endpoints in Roon?

For Roon, HQPlayer is the endpoint. You can have multiple HQPlayer endpoints in Roon and switch between those. That is what I do with my multiple HQPlayer servers. NAA is something that is not visible to Roon by any means, it is just output device detail of HQPlayer.