HQPlayer Android and iOS client - HQPDcontrol

Hi @jussi_laako . Is there any plans to have the client run on iPhone / iPad. Paid app of course. Thanks for HQPlayer. It has extended my non fatigue sessions.

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Such has been made by Ales, called HQPDcontrol. It has existed for a long time on Android, but recently it became dual-platform and works on iOS too.

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Thanks Jussi. This is exactly what I needed. It also lets one use the library on my Antipodes direct to HQPlayer for maximum quality. This should be a paid app!

@jussi_laako, Speaking of that iOS app, I can’t get it to recognize my HQP server. I’ve tried automatic searching and I’ve entered the static IP for the server that HQP is installed on (leaving the default port, as I have no clue how to find if HQP is using a different port). What am I doing wrong? Thanks. JCR

Is your iOS device in the same network where the HQPlayer is located? If you are running HQPlayer Desktop, have you enabled external network control from the toolbar? Firewall on HQPlayer server possibly blocking the traffic?

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Yes, @jussi_laako, same network. Network discovery button pushed on HQP Desktop toolbar. Windows firewall disabled by Audiophile Optimizer but to be sure, I added an exception for HQP Desktop app. Still no connection to iOS app.

I can remote in with VNC viewer to the server, so I know the server is accessible from outside the network.

Further thoughts? JCR

No ideas then, sorry…

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Hmm, ok, strange. Thankfully as noted above, I can remote into the server via VNC and import settings changes for my various NAA endpoints (now three) without the app.

Am I correct that in Roon, I can only have one HQP profile shared among NAA endpoints? Or, can I have (and separately name) multiple HQP endpoints in Roon?

Thanks, @jussi_laako. JCR

I have one embedded and 2 desktop HQPlayer instances each with it’s own zone in Roon.

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Wonderful, @Progisus. Can you share how you set that up? In my list of Roon endpoints, I have only one HQP listed, all the way at the bottom of the list. You’ve obviously found that HQP status is not limited just to that one! Thanks. JCR

Just go to Settings>Setup, scroll to the bottom and Add HQPlayer for each one. Hope this helps.

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I just tried, @Progisus. When I add an HQ Player, it asks for the IP address, but it’s populated with localhost. The instruction says to leave it as localhost if the Roon core and HQP are in the same server, which they are in my case. So, giving the ok, I get an error that this host name or IP address is already configured. That, of course, is true, as I have one HQP endpoint currently.

So, I don’t understand how you are getting multiple instances of HQP configured. Can you describe or show further? Thanks. JCR

Hi Jeffrey. I assume that you have HQP installed on other computers or streamers on your network. Enter the IP for each of these to make them endpoints as well as the localhost. I have one embedded on my Antipodes, one desktop on a Mac and another desktop on another Mac. The Antipodes embedded plays locally to usb and each of the others plays to an naa on pi 4’s. Hope this makes sense.

Ah, @Progisus, I have but one instance of HQP Desktop on my main server and then three NAAs, two of RPI3s and one which is a microRendu. My server is the playback source (Roon, JRiver and HQP) for the dozen endpoints in our home. I have to change the saved import settings manually on the server to direct HQP for each of the three NAA endpoints. You apparently have three HQP licenses and run HQP separately on each computer for playback, which would seem why you can have multiple HQP endpoints in Roon. Am I correct? JCR

You can have as many HQPlayer endpoints as you like, as long as they have a different IP. You can freely name each endpoint the way you like. I have something around 10 HQPlayer zones in Roon.

HQPlayer endpoints, be it local or NAA’s are totally unvisible to Roon. Only HQPlayer instances are visible. So if you like to switch to a different NAA on a particular HQPlayer instance, you need to do it from HQPlayer side.

You are correct. The naa can only be chosen from the HQP instance, one at a time. I am fortunate to have several computers lying around from my Automation supplier career. Now if we had only used more nuc’s. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hi Jussi, I am running HQP embedded on a SonicTransporter i9, normally using Roon as the control interface. Recently I have been playing around with bypassing Roon and having HQP talk directly to my NAA, using the HQPDcontrol v4 app on iOS to select and play music. This has generally worked well and I am still trying to decide it this gives a better SQ than via Roon.

I have just come across an issue where I have added a new album to my music library stored on the ST disk alongside all my other music. The problem is that whatever I do I cannot get the HQPD app to see the new album. I know it is there, as I can see it via the Finder, and it is shown in Roon’s library but on the HQPDcontrol app it just doesn’t exist.

I have rescanned the library multiple times, have restarted the server (and hence HQPe), have deleted and re-installed HQPD on my iPhone, but with no success.

What m I missing?

Have you rescanned the library inside HQP embedded and have you synchronized HQPD Control with HQP Embedded after the rescanning?

That got it! Had not thought to scan the embedded version first.

Thanks very much!

@jussi_laako, is there an option to login Qobuz on the HQPDControl on iOS, thanks?