HQPlayer integration ROCK

It would be nice to install and integrate HQPlayer on a ROCK server so we would not have to use two pc’s…

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Don’t use two PCs. Ditch the ROCK NUC and load RoonServer on the same machine as HQPlayer. Works great for me.

NUCs don’t have the CPU horsepower to run my HQPlayer needs. In order for it to run for me, I have to use i7-9770k, 32 GB RAM, and still need a 1070ti Nvidia card to handle the processing load.


Have to agree with @Rugby. A NUC running HQP and Roon isn’t going to have the horsepower to run the modulators and filters in HQP that make the most difference. You pay a premium for the small form factor. Better to stick it all in a dedicated full sized server imo.


thanks for your reaction.

Before ROCK I had Ubuntu Studio/Roon/HQPlayer running on my NUC without any problem.
It is a NUC6I5 with ssd and 8Gb memory.
I also had Win10/Jriver running on this machine without any problem.

The only reason why I would like to run HQplayer on the ROCK server is because I have some “clients” who would like to find out for themselves if HQplayer could improve the sound quality.
(to my ears it does not)
I will stick with the ROCK server as it is…works perfectly.

BTW, I also use a NUC10i7 as a desktop with win10 and Roon control and this pc also works just perfectly up to DSD 512!

I have configured a few ROCK NUCs for friends with no problem whatsoever…
So I do not see why I should not use a NUC? Minimal Linux OS ROCK and HQPlayer should work flawlessly.

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Demonstrating HQPlayer without upsampling to DSD 256 and using ASDM7EC modulator and ext2 filter is like demonstrating a Ferrari by driving at 20 kph.


At the speed of sound :slight_smile:

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Holo Spring DAC.

only DSD256? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I got carried away… :slight_smile:

Anyway, it would be nice to have hqplayer integrated or co configured on the same pc as my ROCK server…
I am not a big fan of all these extreme sample rates and filters, so I would use it pretty straightforward…

For headphone listening I often use my HQplayer on my Win10 desktop…sounds magical on my Topping E30/L30 combo.

Yep. I used to do DSD512, but the ASDM7EC modulator precludes it. It’s worth dropping back to run that modulator. You’d need 8GHz single core performance to run ASDM7EC at DSD512. Liquid helium cooling here we come.

Isn’t that just an incredible combination!! It’s so much better than any upsampling Roon can do on its own!

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That is Roon doing the upsampling not hqplayer. And still you notice that you are dropping beneath 2x. At 1.6x the one poor little core is running at 62.5 percent or so.

It is not the upsample that counts though, it is the filter and modulator choice that makes the world of difference, and, requires the heavy processing. asdm7EC and ext2 would melt a NUC.

Here is the ultimate Roon Core / HQPlayer machine unless you want to build one yourself…


I’d take that over a Mac Pro any day.

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Nice, but, I still prefer mine. :smiley:


I almost bought that same case used by EK for my build because it has a very unique feature, two hot swappable HDD cages easily accessible from the back.

Unfortunately, I built my own before I knew this was available and have a 10900K and a 2080 ti XC gpu in a Streacom case.

No kidding! It would absolutely destroy an equivalently priced Mac Pro in any performance metric you cared to test.


Can you teach me the installation process on the same computer(hqplayer + roon)

Thanks A lot.

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