HQPlayer no Devices Found (Network Audio Adapter)

Hi guys. I installed HQPplayer on my Roon Core PC. My DAC is connected via USD on my Mac. Under devices I cannot find the DAC to output to.

Am I doing something wrong?

You would need to run networkaudiod on your Mac in order for your DAC connected to a different computer to appear on the device list. Please see at the end of the HQPlayer web page, below HQPlayer Desktop downloads.

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Amazing thanks! Is there a way to keep on running networkaudiod permanently?

You can try to automate it’s startup. But I typically run networkaudiod on a dedicated device using my NAA OS. I don’t use networkaudiod on Windows or macOS, but such option is provided in case someone finds it useful.

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Can you explain a bit more your scenario? I have my dac connected on my mac

In your case you can run networkaudiod on your Mac to make it accessible to HQPlayer elsewhere.

But in my case, I have for example UP Gateway as a NAA running my NAA OS. And then I have Holo Audio Red as another NAA. And couple of others. This enables me to access any DAC from any HQPlayer instance within my network.

Hello Jussi. Please excuse the newbie question…
I’ve downloaded a full version of HQ player and I have it installed on my MBP. I have a Roon Nucleus connected to my network via ethernet and the Nucleus is connected to both my T+A DAC 200 via USB which is then connected via XLR to my Hegel Integrated Amp and directly to the Hegel.
I can’t seem to get HQP to recognize any of my networked devices - do I now need to buy a NAA (e.g. Ifi ZenStream) to plug into the T+A Dac or can I connect from HQ player either into the Nucleus, Hegel or T+A Dac over the network?
Many thanks in advance,

You can connect T+A either to the HQPlayer computer (MBP), or to a separate NAA.

For T+A, I would recommend something that is capable of at least DSD512. So maybe not Zen Stream in that case.

Thank you sir. Is there any way of avoiding purchasing an additional NAA or connecting my MBP (HQ player) if I use the DAC in the Hegel (via Airplay) vs. the T+A?

Airplay is limited to 16bit/44.1 and HQPlay can’t play directly to it. Maybe indirectly but it would be bad idea

If you connect your MBP to T+A by USB, you can use an iPad to browse Roon and play music

Then you’re not needing to interact with the Macbook at all for listening

Understood. Thank you. I’ll give it a try - need to unplug my nucleus from the T+A and I’ll try to find a usb C → A wire too!
Thanks again!

I use these :


Great. Thank you!
I’ll look at the back of the DAC to see if it’s a male usb or female. Or do you connect another usb from the female A port to the Dac?
Thx so much!

You can see via a quick Google Image it would take a standard printer USB cable (type A to type B) which you probably already have at home

If the MBP will be a permanent solution you can try to find a Type C to Type B cable to avoid adaptors

Like this:


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Awesome - cable ordered. I’ll unplug the Nucleus and see what all the HQ player fuss is about!
Thanks @dabassgoesboomboom !!!

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Received the cable this evening and figured out how to make it work in the settings with my Mac. Was getting PCM all the time but realized that I need to click DOP.

Seems that my mac via usb is limited to DSD 128. Guess I need to buy a streamer too.

God. This hobby……!

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I think DAC 200 should work up to DSD256 :thinking: over USB on Mac. Since it can do also up to 768k PCM. DAC8 DSD was limited to DSD128.

With suitable NAA endpoint hardware DAC 200 / HA 200 can do DSD1024.

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Can you share screenshots of all your HQPlayer settings?