HQPlayer no Devices Found (Network Audio Adapter)

Oops sorry I meant when you are trying to output DSD256

Try again, ticking “48k DSD” box for the output

And select 256 x 48k output

DoP enabled again obviously

Should work

Thank you! I’ve changed the settings and the connection is intermittent. Keeps going in and out of the Dac 200. I have a 1GB wireless internet speed. Could be my MacBook Pro? Do I need an external streamer?

So DSD256 shows on your DAC200?

Is it dropouts? How often?

Dropouts with DoP could mean different things.

Could be CPU, could be the cable.
I doubt it is your wireless, if HQPlayer is USB connected to your DAC and DSD128 gave you no issues.

Can you try the non-EC modulator - ASDM7 (without EC) - this is far less CPU intensive than “EC”.

Also you had ticked Multicore DSP box - try to make it “grey” - compare grey vs ticked

Report on all these - will give clues.

Thank you.
I greyed the multi core DSP box, eliminated the EC from the modulation and DSD256 was playing on the T+A!..…but…. lost connection after 2 mins and then back again. With the previous settings. the connection was dropping every 4-5 seconds. The SQ was interesting - seemed the soundstage had narrowed quite a bit. Played ‘get lucky’ by daft punk and couldn’t hear the ‘claps’ very well. Tried playing the same track with nucleus connected via usb to the T+A and it sounded much ‘wider’ and I could hear everything. Hhmmm……

If I purchase a network streamer (capable of dsd 512), will I have the same problem given what seems to be a cpu issue? My mbp is 5 years old.

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated!

And what about ticked multicore but still the non-EC ASDM7 ?

A streamer won’t help if it is a CPU limitation

What are the CPU specs for the Macbook?

Do you have a Raspberry Pi4 around to test as a streamer? Always good to test before you buy.

Or even if you had another laptop to test as streamer , has to be Intel based. Theres a we can do that won’t touch the laptops Windows installation. Run HQPlayer NAA OS off a USBstick

Are you getting dropped connections or are you getting dropouts? Those are two very different thing…

@musicjunkie917 The input signal on my T+A DAC 200 keeps on going off and then back on.

You are just lacking on CPU power… So the processing cannot keep up with the the demand.

CPU Specs for MBP → 3.5GHz Dual-Core Intel Core I7 with 16 GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 Memory. Running Ventura 13.1 OS.

I tried with ticked multicore with non-EC ASDM7 and it still keep ‘dropping out’ (vs. full dropped connection as before) every minute or so. I may invest in a dedicated Mac mini (8 core CPU) that I can network and just put HQ player on it. I can connect via usb in the short term to the T+A and then look at a dedicated streamer in the future. Looking at an EverSolo DMP-A6

Good Plan?

For dual core, it may be best just leave if unchecked (blank).

Mac Mini with M2Pro or something else?

Thanks @jussi_laako

MacMini with M2 - the latest one for $599.

That can do DSD256. If possible, I would recommend the M2Pro model.

But if you get the basic M2, I would at least strongly recommend 16 GB of RAM.

Understood. Thank you @jussi_laako . Do you recommend the 10 Gigabit Ethernet add on too?

Lastly, If I get the Mini just to use HQ player and then get an Eversolo streamer, will I be able to play DSD 512?

My path will be Roon Nucleus → HQP on MacMini (via LAN) → Eversolo (via LAN) → T+A DAC 200 (either via USB or SPDIF / Coax - have No idea which is better!) → Hegel H590 → Speakers

I don’t think it is necessary.

I only know that DSD512 with HQPlayer’s EC-light modulators work on my MacBook Pro with M1Max (8 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores).

But I don’t think Eversolo supports HQPlayer’s NAA protocol. So if you’d like a “streamer” to enable DSD512 output from HQPlayer, I would rather recommend for example the UP Gateway or Holo Audio Red, or something similar that is known to work. Cheapest is just basic Raspberry Pi 4.

This below is a great NAA streamer option, if you can’t get a RPi4 or don’t want to DIY a build (you need to buy the Pi4 and a fanless case and assemble yourself).

This comes already fanless. Just boot NAA OS on a USB stick and done.

Your Macbook would be free to use for something else.

If you buy a Mac Mini it can be in a different room, as long as Roon and Mac Mini and UP Gateway are all linked via ethernet cable - no WiFi linking those 3

WiFi only for using Roon Remote (or HQP ‘Client’ app if you use that later)

Thank you for all the advice!!

I just downloaded HQ player (v5) to my ‘work’ MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro Chip and 16GB of memory and I’m streaming gapless dsd 256 via Room with my Macbbok pro connected via USB into the T+A Dac 200 - finally!!!

I can probably continue without the investment in the Mac mini (I typically listen to music after work so I could continue to use my work laptop). I’d like to try higher DSD sample rates and have now learned that I can’t usb my MBP for anything over 256.

Thank you for the NAA recommendation. Excuse my ignorance, but will I be able to go to Roon (my core is a networked Nucleus via Ethernet) → HQP on my MacBook Pro (WiFi) → UP Gateway (networked) → T+A Dac 200 → speakers? Meaning, can I keep using the MacBook Pro via WiFi or with the UP Gateway (which will connect via Ethernet), I’ll need an Ethernet networked HQ player (Mac mini being the only choice). Lastly….how would I connect the NAA into the T+A? via usb or another route….?

As it’s my birthday soon, I was also looking at the holo red, IFI neo stream, and the stack audio link II as other options for a present for myself (assuming I save up enough!)

Thank you so much!!

This will test your home WiFi. See my post just above with comment about ethernet between everything.

Nobody knows how good or bad your WiFi is - I guess you can try. If you get dropouts you will know your home WiFi isn’t up to speed for use with HQPlayer.

Best is to hardwire. Use a USB/Thunderbolt to ethernet adapter if needed perhaps.

USB/Thunderbolt to ethernet adapter with the Macbook Pro is another option, instead of buying a Mac Mini just for ethernet port.

Just USB output. Bog standard printer cable (USB 2.0 Type A to Type B)

Holo Red has a Pi4 (CM4) inside. It will work but as mentioned a couple times previously , RPi4 can be just as good and way cheaper.

Neo Stream will be expensive and you probably won’t be using most of its features like DAC and headphone amp.

Not sure about Stack Audio

Pi4 or UpGateway is the way to go in my opinion.

Here’s a couple ethernet adapters you could try to hardwire your Macbook to your network:

The Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - Apple



It is RPi3 (CM3+) based on and it runs a customized RoPieeeXL version.

It is more “future proof” as running Jussi specific NAA OS on it you’ll be able to reach DSD1024 (only DSD512 with its own sw)

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