HQPlayer's EQ and not Roon

llo, I have a question, why is it recommended to use HQPlayer’s EQ and not Roon? I use Roon and do not feel any problem. Thanks in advance for the answer.

Because it’s better to send BitPerfect to HQPlayer that can do EQ as well

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Who recommends that?

Not sure I understand. Roon can do both bit perfect and EQ (obviously not at the same time).

But if you use HQP with Roon it’s better to send the ile BitPerfect to HQP

And if you don’t use HQP? It’s not clear if the OP does.

@Marian The OP has included HQPlayer in his thread title and posted in the HQPlayer section of the forum.

Common sense, I would say he is a HQPlayer user.

Feel free to ignore the HQPlayer section of this forum :wink:

Feel free to ignore my posts in any section.

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It is best to keep Roon sending bit-perfect data to HQPlayer and have all DSP at HQPlayer side in one go. Regarding EQ, this makes biggest difference when your source content is DSD.

Hello, I have a follow-up question if I want to transfer Eq roon to HQPlayer what is the most convenient way to do it Eq in roon Oh. Zip. Thank you very much for the answer in advance