I am concerned that my file directory is disorganized

MAC OS Monterey 12.5, MacBookPro 2019
1.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
Memory 16 GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero Satellites, no YPN

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge CXN, V2

Number of Tracks in Library

17340 tracks

Description of Issue

I am concerned that my file directory is unorganized, and Roon is not detecting all my music. What is the best way to pull all music under “what directory”, so that I can access everything. For example, I know that I have music from Iris Dement, as I downloaded 3 cd’s from her . Currently, when I search Iris Dement on Roon, I only get the cd’s that are in quobuz or tidal, which I am subscribed to.

Use an app like mp3tag to move the files to directories based on their file tags like Artist>Album.
MP3 tag will also display all of the metadata columns so you can see which tracks are missing metadata which may be why your albums aren’t visible.
To see which albums Roon hasn’t identified from the albums view go to Focus and select “identified” it will show as blue, if you then click it, it will turn red and show all the unidentified albums.

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Its more likely the metadata is wrong rather than the file structure. Roon pretty much ignores file structure

If you like order (I do) then this is how I do mine


Then by
First Letter Artist for Rock
First Letter Composer Classical


You will see Collections where I store Box Sets which can be Multi Composer

Ironically this structure started when I ran my library from a USB Drive attached to a CXN !!


Thank you. This really helps.

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