I am have a problem with Apple Music

I have a free trial of Apple Music through my provider, Verizon. I have been downloading songs and albums the past few weeks and all is showing up on iTunes at my home computer but not transferring to Roon. I picked a particular song recently downloaded and searched for it on my hard drive. I found it in an “Apple Music” folder on my hard drive. I double checked my “paths” on Roon and even added the folder so Roon could grab the folder directly. Unfortunately, all of the songs purchased with the Apple Music subscription are going to this folder and zero of the songs in this folder are being recognized by Roon. Have you guys come across this problem yet or in the past?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


You have to buy the music in the iTunes store. Apple Music is only for streaming on authorized devices.

Hi @Todd_Garliss — Thanks for reaching out!

Apple Music does not integrate with Roon. The streaming services that currently integrate with Roon are TIDAL and Qobuz.

The “free” downloads from Apple Music are protected files. Roon cannot play them even if you point Roon to the Apple Music folder. Roon can play the files you buy from the iTunes store – they are not protected.

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