I bought the Brooklyn Bridge!

Well, not the Brooklyn Bridge but a Brooklyn Bridge from Mytek. To go with my Brooklyn Amp. Too soon for a detailed evaluation, but so far, it’s great. Not as sweetly musical as the Conrad-Johnson amp and preamp they replace, but much more precise and powerful.

Two interesting things:

I am able to control the analog volume of the Bridge from my Roon remote, bit perfectly, using the same slider that previously caused the Signal Path to report not-bit-perfect transport. The Bridge also comes with a remote that controls the analog fader but I was surprised I could do the same from Roon. Maybe this is a benefit of the Bridge being Roon Ready, which my earlier Liberty DAC was not.

Also, I turned off MQA in favor of Mytek’s own steep linear phase filter. Unfortunately, you can’t have both, but I never liked MQA all that much in the first place, and I think the linear phase filter is audibly better.

Anyway, I’m not much of an expert, but if I can be of any help to anyone who’s purchased one of these, or is thinking about it, I’d be glad to try.


Congrats! I’ve been visiting the Mytek shop page weekly since it was released, but hold off clicking Buy until I’ve got new speakers (in a new house).

Are you using a turntable? I’m really interested in how good the phono stage is, as I love the idea of the “all-in-one” factor of the Brooklyn Bridge + Amp combo.

Thanks. No turntable, sorry. I use Roon to stream Tidal and play albums stored on a Mac. What’s really nice is the ability to connect the Bridge and Mac directly via Ethernet. No USB.

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I have the Manhattan with the network card and I am sold on streaming over ethernet. It is outstanding to be sure. Enjoy!

I’ll bet that Manhattan is nice.

I received my Brooklyn Bridge about a week ago, first batch. Very impressive. Glad I waited.

Me too. Did you get a Mytek amp, or are you using something else?

It really is and the preamp is outstanding. Mytek has some great products for sure :wink:

McIntosh and Focal. If I had it to do over would have had an entirely different approach.

I was just wondering if the preamp was good enough to ditch my current setup. So you don’t feel you need a separate preamp with the Brooklyn Bridge?

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I do not have the Brooklyn Bridge. I have the Manhattan Dac 2 with network card. I have no desire for a separate preamp with this unit. I think I would have to spend a lot of money to outperform the built in preamp. It really is very good

I have a Brooklyn Bridge. I think it is excellent, both as a preamp and a dac. I’m using it with the Brooklyn Amp, which I also like.

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Thanks for that. I’m on the fence. It’s either the Bridge or a Zen Mini into a Chord Qutest. The latter will probably give the best results, but the Bridge is just so versatile that a small hit to SQ is maybe OK.

Thanks again

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Has streaming from Roon to the Brooklyn Bridge been stable and reliable?

I have the OG Brooklyn and have been very happy with it, but the combination of the DAC+ upgrade and simplifying my rack (I’m currently using a µR+LPS-1) is very appealing.

I haven’t had occasion to use wi-fi, but streaming via ethernet has been completely trouble free (and sounds great).

Great to hear. I would expect the streamer implementation to be solid considering they’ve had this functionality in the Manhattan. I currently have an OG Brooklyn, HQP (DxD / DSD u/c) and a µR (1.4) which I’ve been very happy with, but the streamer is interesting since it takes USB out of the equation.

I guess I’ll have to send this feature-request to Mytek, but the one thing that would really push the Brooklyn Bridge over the top for me would be a monitoring and control app. In my 2ch setup, the display is a bit too small to see from my chair.

“Preamp” — it’s funny, I have several zones around the house and none have a preamp. And I don’t have the desire.

(Almost — the main rig with Meridian speakers had a Meridian 818 in front, but it does nothing, I have only one source, Roon, and the speakers have their own DACs and volume and tone control. The HT has a controller for multiple sources, but I never play music there.)

Some of the endpoints (DACs, headphone amps) have volume control, but even this time-honored function of a preamp is no longer needed since Roon can do it if necessary.

Ok, I’m perhaps a little extreme with only one active source. But it’s an interesting perspective. Reading the hifi press, with preamps and amps and passive speakers, I have no interest in any of that.

I’ve tried running a DAC directly into the active speakers I use on my desktop system, but the volume control in Roon reset itself to 0db / 100% a couple of times without me noticing. This is definitely not something I want to replicate with the amp and high-efficiency speakers in my main rig. I did see that you can define a maximum volume setting for an endpoint in Roon, so I’ll have to do some experimentation when time allows. I still have to be careful since I am using the phono pre in my Brooklyn as well.

I have had the Brooklyn Dac+ in combination with an Allo Usbridge. No I´ve switched to the Bridge. I am very happy, everything (Roon via ethernet/Tidal via USB/Qobuz/Spotify Connect/library with mconnect from iOS) is working troublefree without a lot of cables. No further problems with external streamers.

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Is the bridge an upgrade to using the Allo?