I can not choose the Roon DSP mode

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC7I7BNH, Samsung SSD 960 EVO MZ-V6E250BW,
Crucial 16GB, Ext USB 500GB WD.
500 GB WD drive
ROCK version 2.0 build 1133

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritzbox 7490
Netgear switches Prosafe GS105se, wired connections

Connected Audio Devices

HiFi Rose RS250 >USB
Kii three and Audio Control input USB

Number of Tracks in Library

~1000 albums
~ 6180 Qobuz Lib. 5398 FLAC tracks on

Description of Issue

On my Roon Remote iPadOS15 in the device setting in Roon i can not choose the Roon DSP mode, only device volume an fixed volume can be set (Roon DSP mode not available in the setting).
In the Rose RS250 in the software setting the volume switch is set to ‘off’.
The output is USB to the Kii three control USB input and speakers.

Are you trying to access DSP from the Audio Settings tab?
DSP settings are accessed by clicking the volume icon in the now playing section.

hi jeffry
on my ipad iOS 15 only device volume and fixed
volume no DSP volume!

Dsp volume is device specific as it’s run on the device not the core. Not all devices are capable of running it so Roon wont offer it if it’s not, this appears to be the case here. As Roon is streaming to the Rose that needs to be able to perform DSP volume not the attached speakers via USB.

Here is the guide:

Digital volume control always requires some use of DSP power. The question is where that does happen.

  • Fixed volume: Volume controls within Roon are disabled.
    • Use your (pre-)amp/speakers buttons, wheel or RC to control the playback volume of your system.
  • Device volume: Roon sends volume control commands to your audio device. It’s up to the audio device to respond to the commands and use its DSP to perform the requested volume changes (or in rare cases probably use an exposed analog volume control).
    • A mode that could work with the OP’s audio device but “In the Rose RS250 in the software setting the volume switch is set to ‘off’.” – needs to be on for that.
  • DSP volume: Roon does all the volume processing.
    • Not available for the OP (I assume the RS250 is used as a networked [Roon Ready] audio device by the OP).
      Note: Because of potential issues with buffering and latency, this option is usually not available for networked audio devices (by design), but can be used with built-in (soundcard) or locally connected (USB) audio devices on endpoints running Roon, Roon Bridge or Roon Server.

Regardless of the audio device setting above, Roon may always perform “static” (for the song/track) volume leveling and/or headroom adjustments if configured.

Hi @aa_jacobs,

Good morning from the US West coast.

Were you able to look at the information @CrystalGipsy and @BlackJack provided?

What is your current status?

Let me know. I’ll be happy to help!


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