I can not open the Roon application [solved]

I am using a CAPS 3 Carbon from computeraudiphile.com with Win 10, 32 bit. I just installed HQplayer without any problems and it works great. I have always used JRiver and it works with no issues. When I try to launch Roon it never opens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. I have tried server and regular Roon downloads but always the same problem. The bridge did not open either. I am running Fidelizer 7.2 but have uninstalled it as well but still not working. I have never had an app not open before. I was planning to switch to Roon from JRiver with HQplayer and Tidal. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

I tried again today and it installed and opened without any problems. Did not do anything but reinstall but it worked. :slight_smile: Thanks

Glad it’s working for you David.

I’m going to ask @mike to include this towards my quota of solved problems because I thought about it before you were able to fix it.

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