I cannot get playlist displayed on Jazz24

I used to get the tune currently playing when listening to Jazz24 (internet radio). This no longer works? Is it Jazz24 or something else causing this?

Hi @William_Hubacek,

Can you share a link of the current streaming URL you are using? I just tried Jazz24 from this TuneIn link and it’s working fine for me: https://tunein.com/radio/Jazz24-885-s34682/

Heres what I’m using. Got it from Jazz24 per the Roon Internet thread . It streams just fine however the name of the tune that is being played does not display as to what it is. It used to, but recently it does not work. I tried a couple other URLs including ones from Tune In before and no luck. And I tried the one you listed and same problem. Like I said I can stream music just fine.
So I don’t know if this is something that changed on Jazz24s end or what

Heres the link URL: https://live.wostreaming.net/playlist/ppm-jazz24aac-ibc1.m3u

Anyone there? I 'm trying to figure this out. If I enter the URL from Tune In as you say above and create a new station the station works but no tune name! Also if I go back and look at the URL now listed for that station it says;
Not sure what that means?

Hi @William_Hubacek,

Thanks for sharing that link. Yes, the oplm URL is to be expected, since this is redirected from TuneIn.
Also, I tried opening these two radio stations in VLC and I’m not seeing any track information being displayed, meaning that this behavior is not limited to Roon and is on Jazz24’s end.

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