I cant set up windows as a remote [Solved - Firewall]

I have the CORE on my PC.
I downloaded ROON on my Laptop windows.
I select my PC Core.

my Laptop audio is now not listed for me to use. It is as if I have logged in again as my Core?
Any ideas?

Hello @Brian_Reynolds,

Is Roon set as an exception in your Windows Firewall for both your Core and Roon Remote? I would use these instructions to check this info.

I have also seen antivirus of firewall blocking applications interfere with Roon’s discovery of audio zones so if you are using any antivirus applications, I would make sure that both Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe have been added as exceptions to it, you can use the Database Location/Application path to locate these executable files.


Thanks,i had that problem with a remote ipdad, so your right in what you are saying.

However this problem is not teh same.
I am on my laptop and the ROON program seems to think i am on my PC core.
So its not adding my laptop as a device , for some reason?

Any more help will be much appreciated, this is an expensive subscription so i want it working :slight_smile:

Hello @Brian_Reynolds,

I am not quite sure I understand what the issue is. If you connect the laptop to the Core, you will effectively have a Roon Remote and will be able to control the Core.

You mentioned that your Laptop audio zone is not appearing, and this can sometimes be caused by antivirus or firewall applications blocking Roon.

I think some screenshots of the issue would really help here, can you please use these instructions to post a few screenshots of what you’re seeing and specify what exactly is not working right?


Well i took some deep breaths and tried again.
It was the firewall , i use Eset so it took a while to google instructions to add the rule.

Thanks Noris for your replies. I just wish stuff we pay for works without all the tech problems. :slight_smile:

Hello @Brian_Reynolds,

Glad to hear that adding Roon as an exception to your ESET firewall rules has solved this issue!
I hope you have a continued enjoyable Roon experience!


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