I cant sync my iTunes library on my iMac with my roon core on my nas drive

Hello All,

I hope somebody can help as the info i’ve already read hasn’t been able to help me at all.
Its unfortunate that i have an extremely low ability with computers and every info i read tells me to open something or do something. The trouble is i don’t know how to find the thing to open or do!
I’ve been trying to import my iTunes library(or at least get my roon core to be able to use it) for a couple of days without any success at all.
My music for it has an XML file that is in my documents folder on my iMac. I cant find how or where to get it synced up…on the Roon help page is shows i have to go to settings-storage and add folder-edit…but this option is not showing for me…which means I’m stuck.
Any ideas?
Many thanks!!

Hello Lee, as your question is a request for help, I’ve moved your post into the Support category of the forum. You are more likely to get responses from Community members here.

In addition, your post will also be seen and responded to, by a member of the Support team if no-one from the Community is able to help.

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Thats great, thank you!

Hey @lee_fawcett,

I’m very sorry we’ve missed your post for this long :pleading_face: As you might have seen on community, the past few weeks have been quite overwhelming for our small support team and our response times have been very much delayed.

We’d love to help, if you still need your iTunes library imported in Roon. Have you taken a look at our instructions here:

Could you please let us know where you get stuck in that process? A screenshot would help a lot.

Thanks in advance :pray: