I did it! Now listening to high res for first time

I just successfully built a raspberry pi 3B using Ropieee, a hifiberry digi + and it worked first time. Sounds amazing. LIKE, AMAZING


We should start taking bets on when you start thinking you can improve the SQ somehow :grinning:.


Lol!! True story

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Lose the receiver.:laughing:

You definitely need a $3000 linear power supply for the Pi :rofl:
Congratulations on getting it working.


No way bra. I need it for my TV/Movies. Not yet in a big enough house for dedicated music system…

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Thanks. I was thinking $3,000 coax cable.


All kidding aside, now that you’ve been bitten by the bug, your mind will be truly blown when you hook up pair of retired speakers to an RPi+Hifiberry Amp2 – a 30 W/ch digital amplifier in the same form-factor as the RPi you just assembled.


I concur! Posted elsewhere, but this is our “kitchen hifi” setup.


May I ask how you integrate screen with Rpi/Hifiberry amp? Is it a different case? Does the screen stand up on its own?


Congratulations! It is an amazing little gadget.

Question: if I want to build a DAC For use with my sprout at my office, what is the input?? All I see are 2 rca outs. Thanks!

First, see https://ropieee.org/display

RoPieee supports the official 7-inch Raspberry Pi Touchscreen hardware to display Roon’s current status.

For example: Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

And: Raspberry-Pi-7-Inch screen case

@MJBThank you. Can the case accommodate a hat? It looks pretty tight

Depends. Sometimes a little “modification” is required :wink:


My “Kitchen HiFi” is a vintage pair of KEF 303.3’s, dirven by the aforementioned Amp2. I don’t think they sounded as good in their original incarnation.

I have a similar beast in the hi-fi rack using an Allo Digital DigiOne Signature converter with the display and Roipeee. Great sound.

As a hack one day, I put Roipeee on a hatless Raspberry Pi 4B and plugged in a USB Modi 3. It was surprisingly good with Sennheisser 555HD headphones. SCHIIT has worked hard to get the USB rat guards right and to completely and correctly implement the USB 2.0 audio standard in Modi 3.

Hey @mikeb–Question:

If I want to use the screen, with just the pi/DigiPro Hat on the back, and no case, would this work? Would the screen just lean backwards? Would it look janky?


I think it would work, but yes, janky! The ribbon cable for the display isn’t tremendously stable either.

Quick question to the OP:

Haven’t you ever listened to or heard a pre-digital LP?, An LP made before 1990 or so and recorded on analog equipment. No bit depths or sampling rates - just music. I would that infinite, not high, resolution! :smile:

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