I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

Nope. English in iOS settings.

Its on the Home screen/page - if you scroll down from the Recent Activity section at the top…you will come to this:-

Hope this helps.


It was my understanding that there would be no changes in sound quality with this release.

So much is wrong with 1.8 that there’s something (several things) for most people to dislike. It’s hard to look at and and harder to use.

They need to just concede that it’s a failure, roll back to 1.7 and really start listening to their customers. But that would require a level of humility that is unfortunately all too rare.


I am not yet quite sure about the benefit of these counts… even assuming they are correct for a second…

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From Roon 1.8 is live!

Audio stack improvements

The audio pipeline in the Roon Core has been optimized to reduce memory traffic and CPU usage. We have also improved the efficiency and mathematical accuracy of the dithering algorithm used for DSP.

Without starting a flame war, bit perfect is still bit perfect but some tweaks were done.

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Yup you need the Roon license, but can run ROCK for free.

I got more-and-more the feeling that testreports did not reach development for whatever reason.

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Is there a way to reverse the upgrade please ?
Roon v 1.7 was all i needed. Not this buggy piece of software.
Rember Roon Team, i paid € 500,- for a lifetime membership. Up till yesterday i was very happy with the Roon streaming software. If i cannot reverse back to the (stable) 1.7 version, i will have to abandon ship, and start looking for a Roon competitor, i am sorry to say.


Always provided he was also paid for his test and has not only done it “for the honor” to be allowed to look into the new version as early as possible. Otherwise the “management” can tell what it wants, it will have no effect ;).

I am not having any problems with Settings, either in iPadOS or on my desktop PC. I wonder why the difference?


Totally agree. Happy to pay yearly. Saves me a lot of money if the roon company really moves to the direction that the version 1.8 shows: useless features with lots of issues and no understanding of the needs and wishes of their customers. The end.

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Which customers provided positive feedback on this release? This is massive DOWNGRADE!!!

  1. The UI is ugly!
  2. Where are the star ratings on albums when viewing discography? I used that heavily
  3. I loved the ability to click on the below the track and see other versions. Now I have to do a bunch of clicks To do this.

Just a partial list of grievances

Why don’t you Guys focus on what customers want versus what you think they should want? E.g. Roon accessible from outside of your home network.

I really think you guys are doing what Amazon/Jeff Bezos says will lead to a demise of a company - you are not listening to your customers!!!


I took the 114 disk Brendel Complete Philips Recordings and ran the same test. I get the same nonsensical results as you but I interpret it differently. The totals are neither tracks nor compositions. They are database line entries. So a composition with 3 parts gets counted as 4 (including the work entry). Its nonsense. Were you involved in the beta? Surely things like this came up.


That has to be an oversight, maybe raise it as an item in its own right so @support can look at it . Unless you want me to do it

I was involved in the beta from last Saturday and I reported it on that day :wink: But it was clear that they were not able to fix these things quickly. Even the settings problem that came up immediately could not be addressed. And that’s much bigger an issue than this.
I can share my findings with you offline, if you like.

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This is a good one.

  • Try to add more than one tag to an album. (It works but it is cumbersome)
  • Then try to get rid of the tags you assigned (this also works but good luck finding out how to do it)
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that’s my conclusion, too and it makes no sense at all… It’s not a terribly big deal but something you could put against the slogan “we understand classical” if you’d wanted to be cynical…

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From what I’ve read so far, I do not want version 1.8 on my system. 1.7 is just fine for me thank you very much. How can I keep 1.8 at bay until such time as it can be shown to be a genuine improvement on 1.7 and not just an update for the sake of it?

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exactly the same story with me