I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

No you’re not, you’re disparaging other people’s opinion on the basis of your perception of their computer skills. Which is poor on two accounts:

One, you really, really don’t know what each and everyone’s skills actually are, so you sound as if you’re merely arguing this as a mean to invalidate opinions you disagree with.

Two, it does not actually matter what their skills are. I said it elsewhere, I’ll say it again here: Roon is just a piece of software for music, it should be user friendly. If users have problems making sense of it, it’s a problem with the software, not with the users.


The “Composition” thumbs of version 1.7 made up of a number of recordings was a perfect way to give this page some more optical appeal even so there is of course no ‘icon’ per-se on a composition level. But then tell me why we get those icons on that other “Compositions” screen that you can enter from the main drop down menu? You would have to take them out there as well, to get just another extremely dull looking screen.

Just very inconsistent. Makes no sense to me.

Really no reason to take that icon out. There are thumbs / icons everywhere in Roon.

You need to learn how to drive a car before you buy it. You will hurt yourself and more importantly others if you do not how to drive it.


That’s said, I am out of here.

Exactly. I expected that they might change something with 1.8, but that didn’t happen. So I don’t think they won’t change this in the next 30 days.

There are several reasons why I need some more time. Getting a new tablet and getting room correction straight, for example. Otherwise I can’t use Roon the way I intend it.

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Yes sir, I will bow out, just finally realized I was stupid to get involved with a wrong bunch and that I have hit a wall. :slight_smile:

Good. Without doing anything all my endpoints were gone this morning. I don’t want to be blamed for that.

I’ve been a software engineer for over 25 years. I don’t like 1.8. Myself and others have given detailed, substantive reasons why we don’t like it.

This is a forum where we discuss this product/service that we are paying for. As long as we remain civil, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Your repeated posts criticizing other people’s opinions are rude and have grown tiresome.

If you must continue, please refrain from judging other people.


Moderation in these forums is very one-sided, unfortunately. Fanboys and Cheerleaders hardly ever get moderated, even if you flag their very obviously offensive posts.

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I don’t understand what you are saying here, nor why you have posted at all. It really is the sort of comment a troll might make looking to stir up trouble.

Firstly, those users who don’t like 1.8 are patently not a tiny minority! Secondly, you really can’t claim that most who dislike 1.8 "are not familiar with computers or general computing usages". The reverse is very probably the case with most users of a product such as Roon.

In my own personal case, my entire working life has been spent in IT - writing, designing, architecting, implementing and selecting commercial computer systems. I am not happy with the move from 1.7 to 1.8 and I do claim to know just a little bit about computers and computing generally.




Set the clock back to Monday last week and give me the knowledge of today. then i smile


I reverted back to Roon 1.7. That made me smile.


I would do the same if I could. :cry:


One of your best decisions thumbs-up


I’m sure you’re correct. However I do wonder why people didn’t ensure that they had a home-made roll back option. I don’t work in IT, I don’t work in software, but I did make sure that I had a way to roll back if I wanted. I downloaded the installation files for 1.7, including the APK files for Android.

I’m fine with 1.8, but have a solution for a roll-back if I had so wished. I would have thought this is a basic upgrade preparation and one I’m surprised more people didn’t take. It’s not a long term solution, but it would allow an unhappy customer to use 1.7 whilst perceived problems with 1.8 are addressed.


Sure, maybe preparation is a good idea. But this strikes me a little bit like blaming the customer. Again, I’m a happy 1.8’er about most things. But there’s a lot of people for whom usability wen’t down. I wish more people could ‘glass half full’, but there’s a number of people who don’t have a glass that holds water right now - or at least not for the way they are accustomed to drinking (eg, the AND/OR tag issue; I’m not talking about ‘purple makes my eyes burn’). So I don’t personally think we should tell people they should have been prepared for a crapshow when an upgrade rolled out - that really is on Roon - and as many know, I’m a huge fan of what and how they do it generally.


This is no option in the Apple world on an iPad.

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It’s simple contingency planning. It’s not about who’s to blame. I find in life that we should always be prepared for a “crapshow” - particularly when it involves software updates!

This is the one area that I couldn’t find a solution for.

I couldn’t agree more. I’d rather have some visual navigation clues than none. Many of these clues on various screens also served a dual purpose as links giving 1-click access to different parts of the UI. None of that matters of course on a small device unsuited to accessing functionality that only makes sense on a larger device anyway. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. Looks like there is a market for two very different roons.

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Interesting to see the early pro and con reaction to VLC 4.0 resulting from the Ars Technica story here:

It’s Open Source, it’s been in development for a couple years, it’s been announced for a year, it’s got a major pivot in approach - to library management and away from file system based browsing and playing… and very few comments would be out of sync with some of the comments on here.

Big changes for sure cause big reactions. As someone for whom the new iPad remote has opened many exploration doors this past couple weeks, I’m in the “happy” camp. I have trust the dev team is moving to fix bugs, and the design team is taking a long hard look at the things 1.8 has made more awkward / difficult / obscure / impossible to see how those can be incorporated to improve UX and/or UI.

Probably this is not a fit, and I am somewhat unsure what to anticipate as reaction, if any… but the parallels just really grabbed me so I thought I’d share.

Best to all, especially those struggling with broken things (I still have to re-start the Core or the RoPieee end points now and again - but that’s about the only bug that has bitten me) in something that I think has a direct connection to our emotions as this tool for finding, selecting, and enjoying our music.

Regards alan

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