I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

It might seem so, and to even one user for whom 1.8 isn’t technically working, it must be frustrating to hear that for perhaps a larger % it’s working fine. But Danny has more data than you or I. He knows the rate of new subscribers since 1.8 was released compared to 1.7 or 1.6. New user uptake is the critical statistic, as long as customer acquisition is greater than customer attrition then the upgrade is sound.

True - excellent beta testing mitigates for customer attrition, but hey Danny runs the company not me, and he made a judgement call to release 1.8 ( to which I haven’t upgraded to yet simply because I’m risk averse to version 1 of any release) but I’m posting this because I have some faith in Roon and believe in what they are trying to do - if Roon isn’t a great bunch of people trying to make music listening better, then who is tell me? Who? Name me that other miraculous firm?

On the point of Roon costs, on another thread I suggested it’s the cheapest part of any audio system, and that anybody who spends less than $3000 a year on audio gear shouldn’t use Roon - hey just my opinion, don’t kill me. For anybody spending more than that that it’s a fractional cost, I pay 20 for tidal and I pay 20 to adobe for their services. I pay my rip off insurance firm lord knows what a year and they’re always shirting on the claims. But this is a cut-throat capitalist economy and prices are set to limit demand, if I found Roon was too costly I would leave it and just use a cheaper app or the tidal app or whatever. The price is not a fault, it’s just the hurdle to take part, that’s all.

You don’t believe in the Roon team to fix your issues well respect to you. But I dont see your alternative team lining up to replace them? Phew. Time for a dram of Dalmore 15 year old, delicious :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:


Another in the list of oddities.

The first photo shows the settings you can select for albums. You can see you can show a live badge, a TIDAL badge, and a badge if the album is in your library. So far so good.

The second photo shows the discography for Daft Punk. They are breaking up after 28 years and as best as I can tell, Roon is not to blame for that. What you can see is the badges that I have turned on showing on each album cover. Perfect! Good job Roon!

The last photo shows the Daft Punk I selected to play. Nice big album. Has plenty of room to show those badges. Wait! There’s no badges here? Why o why? I can look over to the right to see the word “Live” but I don’t know if TIDAL is the source or if this album is in my library. Why change this from one level to another? Why make it more work for me to take a quick glance at an album and get the key data that I can get in another view. Maybe Daft Punk is on to something. I might have to quit too!

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You’re asking for consist behavior of roon. The answer will probably be something along the lines of it clutters and complicates the page so we removed it. Or, hmmm we overlooked that, minor problem but we have bigger and more important features we are trying to incorporate into the next update.

What I can’t stand is the length, rating, format, and version will move if there no description of an album. Add that too your oddity list. We could all tag team for days on these things. These are all just annoying overlooked details that probably should’ve been noted by testers and addressed by designers and software engineers. So they either didn’t notice or they may not even be bothered by it which may be why it was left as is.

Oh well. The pros of roon do outweigh the cons but when the cons are consistently in your face , as little as they are, they start to to add up to one annoying and frustrating experience. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This. Can I join your game of tag? If there is no description, you see the Original Release Date right away, but if there is a description you need to click and expand it to see the ORD


Yes, consistent behavior is a fairly low bar to jump over…one would think. And yes, the pros do outweigh the cons for the most part. But one day a program might come along and nail the GUI and the sound quality. It reminds me of the guys who killed Blockbuster. They were so upset at late fees that they started Netflix. Not sure if there’s a few engineers using Roon that are upset enough yet to take on Roon, but at times it seems like Roon is begging for some competition.


Just to add in here…

  • The color contrast is too strong for the dark theme. The white #ffffff fonts can be changed to #cccccc or #e0e0e0. This will make the small fonts more readable.

  • Purple as the default color looks quite bad. It is a strong purple color too. Since this is a personal preference, the least Roon can do is allow changing the main color in the setup.

  • There is a large disparity between the largest and the smallest font size. The title font size could be small. The track list could be slightly larger.

  • The problem with the smaller fonts on the track is the font use has characters that are too close to each other. Although reducing the font contrast will help, changing the font type is better. Too many spaces are wasted as a result.

  • The Artist and Composer photos are circle. This looks cluttery. They can be changed to square but it is better if square is the default. Check the theming section.


TBH you’re not really adding anything in here. All of this has been said ad nauseam for the last two weeks [Moderated].

Roon will either provide some customization facility, or they won’t. If you want to customize how it looks, go to the threads where people are posting how to make it look “different”. But really, we don’t need any more “purple is bad” and “fonts are too small/big” [Moderated].


Great post @hud,and a perspective I pretty much share.

This :unamused:

And this :grinning:

is all it needs to put Roon gripes into perspective. (Although in my case it was a nice Bowmore 2003)

Yes - we do!

If a single person makes a suggestion for improvement, Roon are quite likely (and quite legitimately) going to at best defer it almost indefinitely. If a great many people make that same suggestion or complaint, then Roon developers may look at the suggestion(s) seriously with a view to a quick resolution.

@TopQuark made a very valid set of points in a constructive and non aggressive manner. I agree with most of the post.


Charles, I fully agree with you. If all the features that have disappeared with 1.8 are not reactivated in a future update, I certainly will cancel my subscription and look for another solution…


I must confess to being very disappointed with the latest version. I purchased a lifetime subscription a couple of years ago because I thought I had found an app that actually worked for me - I was struggling with awful NAIM software - their hardware works well for me, but the software is poor. Now I find myself with software that not only doesn’t function as well as the previous release, but frankly presents a dreadful interface. I feel as If I’m back at square one with some quite good hardware and no way of reliably linking it all together. Time to start looking elsewhere and swallow the loss I think.


Purple is bad. IMO, very bad. Yuk!

Big fonts are TOO

small fonts are too small.

More theme options please, or just open it up. I am extremely disheartened to see Roons recent themes statement, which means iPad/tablet users currently just have to deal with purple.

We don’t have any imminent plans to offer color/theme customization as a feature inside Roon, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing anyone down here!


My sentiments entirely. Very sad. But Roon seem ecstatic with it.


Mike, you are too pessimistic here.
Things get much better with your inputs.

I’m hearing you & without wanting to sound like a smartarse or negative, the reality is that the active users here amount to your first case scenario. Of the supposedly 100k subscribers/lifetime, there’s likely barely 50 active users here. And even if you doubled that number it’s still a very small % of users.

What I’ve learnt in my year around here is that the devs do not listen to suggestions, however reasonable they may be or however many concur with those suggestions. It’s their software and they do things their way.

I have no doubt there are many great minds around here & some who have a solid background in software/programming. Free advice is not overly considered or if it is it remains unknown. I would suggest that would be a different story if paid developers came up with various ideas/fixes and so on.

Alas, we are merely forum users, no matter what sort of experience any one of us may bring.

I’m fine with that. It’s not my business. However, if it was me, I’d draw upon the wealth of expertise that presents itself both in house & such a forum.

We provide in many instances,tech solutions, that otherwise would require Roon paid staffing, & we chat about the software, music and various other lighthearted things.

We simply don’t provide them with tech support, however well intentioned, thought out or even necessary that we may think our ideas have been.



Certainly not always the case - witness the reinstatement of tags and playlists identification for tracks in Album view. These have been reinstated in build 763 because a (relatively) large number of people on the forum complained about their exclusion.


Talking about colours…

Purple is my favourite colour, likely followed by black. But, I’m sure purple is my favourite!

A deep purple shirt looks great with a pair of black pants. :thinking:

Of the primary colours, I really don’t like yellow.

Yes, stating such things in definitive terms (as I may have),;there’s typically an outlier, which on its own doesn’t negate the overall sentiment. Whether forum discussion (alone) was the reason, we will never really know, but I’m happy to go with that being the case.

BTW…how’s your Orbe going? I always wanted a Michell TT since my late teens when I first saw A Clockwork Orange. Over the years when it came to purchasing a new TT, , I’d always look to Michell as one of my first choices. Alas, it has never eventuated thus far & likely won’t as I went down a different path buying an Acoustic Signature TT about 12 year ago & then upgraded to another roughly 3 years ago with new tonearm/cart.


The Orbe is very good - actually in my case it’s a limited edition 25th Anniversary GyroDec that has been upgraded to Orbe spec.

Like you, I saw Clockwork Orange as a teenager in my first year at University back in the 70s, and decided I had to have that turntable. Within the year and with the proceeds from a vacation job I purchased my first good hi-fi system including the Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference turntable (built by Michell under license from Transcriptors at the time) and the Transcriptors 9" fluid arm.

I sold the Transcriptors turntable a few years ago, but had long since switched to the GyroDec/Orbe which obviously sounds very much better.

By the way, I have heard a couple of Acoustic Signature turntables whilst demoing other bits of hi-fi. They are not very common in the UK, but they sounded very good indeed.

I agree. Just had a glimpse of the OG 1.8 when updating and before replacing my own color theme/fonts, and man, I couldn’t have picked worse colors or fonts (and sizes) out of a hat. So glad we have the option to customize to a degree. I’m stuck with Roon (I got a killer deal on a demo Roon only version of the opticalRendu last year and have had lifer sub since 1.5), and love what it’s purpose is intended to be, but if I had to live with those colors I would certainly be doing all of my ‘discovery’ anywhere else but Roon and it would be just a glorified player only.