I feel DLNA is better than Roon with Mojo +Poly !?


I have gotten the chord Mojo + Poly…for replacing my OLD Linn DS.
Now, I am trying Roon and DLNA on them. I have a QNAP NAS which contains much FLAC music files, a MAC mini as Roon Server and an iPad as Roon/DLNA Remote…Unfortunately, regarding Sound Quality, I feel that it’s sure for me DLNA is much better than Roon with Mojo +Poly…So, please let me know if anyone could give me any good advices and Tips to get better SQ than by DLNA for me about setting on Roon.

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I can just confirm that in my setup also DLNA (UPnP) sounds bit better than Roon. Unfortunately i don’t know how to get Roon on par with UPnP :frowning:

There seems to be a few reports that say UPnP sounds better than Roon at the moment. One user with Audirvana states here: https://devialetchat.com/Thread-UPnP-Sound-Quality that UPnP sounds very good (compared to Devialet AIR and USB). I do not think there are settings in Roon that affects sound quality directly. I have briefly compared UPnP direct to a Devialet 250 Pro vs. Roon->microRendu->Mutec reclocker->AES to Devialet. When UPnP works it sounds very good, but it is not reliable and so far I can’t get gapless to work. RAAT to microRendu is totally stable so I’ll use that, but there is absolutely some nice things with sound in UPnP.

Surely the gapless Performance is a factor of the DLNA implementation, JRiver for example has been gapless over DNLA for as long as I have been using it , >7 yrs (Cambridge Audio CXN via Ethernet)


True. I’ve used JRiver DLNA in other settings with full gapless support earlier so this may be something Devialet should look at on their end.

EDIT: I used JRiver DLNA in the test I mention above

Thanks All for replying…

In this morning, I checked whether sound quality with Mojo + Poly depends on DLNA/UPnP server software on NAS. I have just found there are BIG differences. I installed Asset, Mini server and Twonky media server on my QNAP NAS…I was using 8player and mconnect as MPD App on iPad…

Although I could’t check from Mini server, I have gotten better sound from Asset server than Twonky media server…It was the best sound I’ve heard with my Mojo + Poly.

I was surprised because I thought that there was no difference in sound by server software on NAS.

Please let me share your knowledge and experiences, how to get the best sound by server software on NAS, and about the best DLNA/UPuP MPD App on iOS also…

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minimserver is established as best SQ UPnP server to my knowledge (of course, with enabled transcoding to wav).
for me it sounds better than townky, or other UPnP servers i have tried

in regards to OpenHome clients (OH is extended UPnP) for iOS i like Kazoo (from Linn) best.
for plain UPnP i have been using mConnect or Plugplayer

Thanks maniac for letting me know good infos!

I have one more question…
I have a plan to replace from my Mojo+Poly to the Qutest.
I would like to know about sound quality of the Qutest.
please let me know which is better sound quality? i.e. the Qutest vs Mojo +Poly??

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Hi Kazu, sorry i don’t have experience with Qutest or Mojo+Poly … I am using PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Bridge2 module…