I grouped my two bluesound node 2 together in one zone now I cant separate them anymore

I want to seperate the bluesound nodes into two zones again. Old manual doesnt work with the new ui.

Looks like you broke one so you may as well just send one to me :wink:

Nice try, pal.

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  • Click on the zones icon (far right in the black playbar at the bottom of your screen)
  • Click ‘Group ones’ (in the top right of the Zones popup)
  • Click ‘Ungroup’ (top right in the Zone Grouping popup)

That is – if you have created the group in Roon. If you created it in the Bluesound app, ungroup there.

Did you group them in BluOS or Roon. They may be grouped in BluOS.

it looks like I grouped them in the Blusound app…I am experimenting with Deezer Hifi in the Blusound app…
Thanks for the fast help.

Pleasure… easily done…