I have a rather annoying noise at 5333Hz any ideas what is causing it?

its balanced from the DAC to Preamp and pre to ASP, but ASP is running single ended outputs and amps also SE too (Lexicon DD8’s) Im trying SE from the pre now but I think its still there :frowning: but its 2:20AM so given up for the day (night)

5kHz is sound, not radiowaves. So it comes either from your equipment or a power supply. Modern power supplies “hack” the Dc part, and I had a power supply, a small one that generated a very audible sound.
If this frequency gets on your power net…

exactly…not a great day for running bout as thunderstorms here and pouring rain so maybe tmro…for now I just listen and turn it up to squash the sound of the rain and noise interference.

Ok so I went to my in-laws a couple of hundred meters away and same issue when I get near the mains. No sign with tv audio their place…might have to get the HIFI running there in some form or other.

If present on the mains supply… power system protection relay signalling? Normally on HV systems, and I guess such signalling should be filtered out of the LV distribution network, but maybe an intermodulation product? Do you have any contacts on the engineering side of your power distribution company that you could have a conversation with?

Sadly no but I might try a friends house that’s not in an apartment building.

not happening at a friends house (its landed property so not an apartment like I am in.

its at every power company meter in my building and the surrounding buildings too. its in the substation in the ground level too as detected by my sniffer kit

Its not at my friend house miles away nor at my clients premises either even further away.

No high power transmitters nearby either but I would not expect transmissions in the audio spectrum where this noise is clearly happening.

and here

but not here as I think this is instrumentation in the front and the business end is further back…might venture there tomorrow if its still unlocked.

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In case you’re tempted… stay out of the switchgear panels…

Is the metering at the locations where the interference does not occur different? Your pictures look like ‘smart’ metering which may be using the cellular network to send data back to the utility every minute or so.

Well I’ve put in a complaint to the power provider so let’s see what happens.


Im not sure if the meters matter but even then IF its these devices I would be surprised. all around the estate normal magnetic disk type meters are in use…these electronic ones are in a controlled room (locked again last night when I checked)

No I’m not about to go poking around in 415V buss boards etc…despite a healthy knowledge of power generation and experience I also have a health respect for safety.

Does Singapore have something similar to an Energy Ombudsman ? In Australia you could request a rebate and/or suspension of payment while the power supply is outside specification. That tends to get their attention.

Just looking to see what correlation there might be…

… and better an un-needed warning… :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess it’s possible they (a small electronic meter) could induce such noise but I doubt it. Im guessing something with a much higher currents or transmission capability.

not that I am aware off…the power company seems to give itself a week at least to follow up, longer if equipment testing might be needed. could be a long wait…

A reader here in Singapore :astonished: has very kindly lent me some power cords and a high tech power distributor (names I shall refrain from mentioning at this time) to see if they might help. You know who you are, and I was so taken aback at his kindness to off an almost stranger (I did give him some pointers in wifi some back in the community) but even more than that he is doing without it in his system and thus no tunes to enjoy! Such as it was I couldn’t even listen to his almost singular branded tube setup to hear it sing :cry:

So I shall get busy with installing it shorty to see if it can offer some benefit. In a way I hope it will but thats going to be perhaps a double edge sword as it might mean I have to reconsider my position on such devices and for that matter look at how to finance it, if it really does help :thinking:

I have to start tearing my system apart and get all this stuff in to try…no music for me then either I guess.


Really looking forward to the results. A real life practical test of power conditioners at last.

Out of curiosity I just googled 5333Hz. Several things jumped out. VLF radio transmitters (Omnia 9). Control software (e.g. Mach3) for CAD/CAM machine tools and grinding spindles. Also, what surprised me the most, snare drum tuning. Probably not much consolation if you ever did track the source down as you still have to filter it out somehow.

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I’m still betting on the smart meters…

If it’s a fault with the internal smps or power line or RF signalling, it might be fixable at source. If it’s a design fault with the meter (they really shouldn’t pollute the supply, but many people are convinced they do and/or will kill you) it will affect all of them. Then filtering/regeneration is a solution, as is finding which component in the audio system is letting it in to the signal chain and fixing that. Neither are necessarily easy or cheap!

@wizardofoz good luck!