I hope for Android Auto soon

Please Roon team, make us this Xmas gift


Only if you promise to give us early feedback :upside_down_face:


How early would you like it? :smile::+1:

It’s in the oven as we speak! Unlikely for xmas, but it’s cooking now :slight_smile:


:face_holding_back_tears::heart: love it

That is good news.
Really looking forward to it !!

Ok so new plan.
Get a new car with Android Auto :grin:


I never need much excuse to get a new car :grin:

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Can add Guitars, Turn Tables, Music server’s and a few other things to that list :joy:
But it’s why you still work :+1:t2:

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CarPlay before Android Auto must have been an interesting discussion around the Roon Team dinner table. There must be stats that show there are more Apple Roon users then Android Roon users. World-wide stats of Phone OS users doesn’t support CarPlay as being the market leader:

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Maybe…maybe…Android Auto support isn’t as easy?

Almost every business that I’ve ever seen that makes money from mobile customers (advertising, or sales) does so very disproportionately through iOS. It’s shocking the difference in profit per customer by platform for some luxury businesses, and I’d put Roon firmly in the luxury end of things. Roon doesn’t really have add-ons, so it’s dispersion can’t be too much but I bet it has a very different user mix than global or even US devices.


I think the likes of BMW did carplay 3 years before android. It’s definitely a thing.

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Excuse my ignorance, but my question is what happens to the lossless audio coming from the Dragonfly DAC when I would have to use the USB in the Android-based centerstack in my truck to be able to use Android Auto? Will it get resampled to 48khz? I need to find that out. The truck has Wi-Fi, but it’s 802.11b, so wireless Android Auto is not supported. Only via USB. I have tried to feed the audio to the AUX jack as I do now and at the same time tried to use Android Auto connected via USB and I was able to get only 1 track to play but not advance from there. And that is with Bluetooth media audio turned off. I got fed up before I was able to test whether the audio was actually playing through the AUX port or USB port as well.

I’m no expert but I believe android auto only works through the USB interface. So you will get standard Android which is 48/16.

Android automotive too?

Wireless Android Auto exists. Data over WiFi to the head unit (or aawireless device). I think Bluetooth is used to connect but data flows over WiFi.

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I meant in the context of the posters query not absolute :blush:

When you dive into Android/iOS stats, you’ll see that in the developed world, and particularly in the English speaking world, it comes a lot closer to 50-50.
I strongly suspect (I could be wrong) that the average Roon user is more likely to be an iOS user- they’re likely to be more affluent and way older than the average smartphone user.

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You mean the US is just over 50% Apple but the developed world of Europe the iOS market share is 21% (up from 20% in 2020).

As someone that has multiple phones I am happy in either ecosystem, but strongly prefer Android. My car sadly has neither as the model the year after mine had it available.

Europe Smartphone Market Down 16% YoY in Q3 2022; Sequential Growth Hints at Stabilisation.