I know where my iTunes libary .xls file is, no way for Roon to accept the path

Sorry Guys,

I’m driving mad! This is where my iTunes xls file is placed:


I didn’t double-check, i did it a hundred of times!

No way at all that Roon let me set this path as iTunes Library, the answer is always the same "No iTunes Library was found at this location.

I’m using a Mac Mini:
Nome modello: Mac mini
Identificatore modello: Macmini5,3
Nome processore: Intel Core i7
Velocità processore: 2 GHz
Numero di processori: 1
Numero totale di Core: 4
Cache L2 (per Core): 256 KB
Cache L3: 6 MB
Memoria: 8 GB
Versione Boot ROM: MM51.0077.B14
Versione SMC (sistema): 1.77f0
Numero di serie (sistema): C07GV05FDJY7
Hardware UUID: B02035CF-9B29-5396-8A7D-6384423A00E0

My Media Player is an Antipodesaudio D2

I’m driving mad! Please help.

Thanks in advance


Hi @Francesco_Seresina ---- My sincerest apologies for the slow response. I completely understand your frustration here. In order to accurately troubleshoot this issue can you please confirm for me where your roon core is located. Is you Mac Mini acting as the core machine or is it located on the Antipodes D2 device? Thanks!


Hy Eric, thanks for your kind reply.

Mac mini is acting as the core machine and it’s native configured as server.

The HD is divided in two partitions, one is for the backups.

Thanks for your support.


@Francesco_Seresina ----- Thank you for your input, it is very appreciated. I’d like to gather a bit more information from you to better understand your setup. Can you please provide a screen shot from the “About” tab found under settings, as seen below? Thanks!



Hi Eric,
here is the screen shot you required and two more. Thanks.

Hi @Francesco_Seresina ---- Thank you for the follow up and the screen grabs. Both are appreciated! I have reviewed the information that you’ve provided and unfortunately itunes watching is not supported on this type of configuration as seen in the post below.

“On a Antipodes device, the path to your music is going to be something like /volumeX/Music/iTunes/ITunesMedia, so this is not going to work as is. You might be able to make a copy of the XML and modify it to include updated paths that Roon can resolve, but this isn’t something we’ve tested or can make claims about”.


Hi Francesco, as Eric has noted on the Antipodes server the iTunes library function does not work by providing the network path to the iTunes server. It is possible to get it working by using the Antipodes ‘Drive Mounter’ app to mount the iTunes device (iMac, MacBook, MacMini etc) as a network drive. The iTunes folder then appears to be ‘local’ to the Antipodes server, which is what the iTunes library function requires.

I suggest that an simpler approach is to specify your iTunes folder as a ‘Watched Folder’. This will scan your iTunes library into Roon.