I Like Layla But Too Much Is Enough Already

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Roon Core SynologyNAS, MacOS Ventura, macmini, 4gb RAM

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10,000 tracks

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Roon Radio repeats “Layla” approx. every 10 songs despit how many times I give thumbs down. Don’t get me wrong, I love Layla but too much is enough. It happens with other songs too, Sympathy For The Devil among others repeat often. How many thumbs-down does it take for Roon Radio to learn? Is there some other way to stop the annoying repeats?

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Turn off Roon Radio!
You don’t need any fancy AI to know that you should not repeat the same song or artist in a radio type playlist. As this issue has been a problem for quite a while it is anyone’s guess as to when it will be fixed.
If you must use Radio, start with a different seed track, you might get lucky.


Perhaps you are insulting the AI with thumbs down? “What are you? An idiot?!? Listen again carefully!”


But, the lyrics are always the same no matter how many times I listen. What are you?


@Kanye_Hemi_Talkin, are most of your files local, do you have a large library of similar music, and do you use Qobuz or Tidal. The AI function in Radio works primarily using streaming services to assist with discovery and genres. If you don’t subscribe to Qobuz or Tidal and use only local files, then Roon uses much simpler set of rules and may be limited based on how varied your library is.

Thanks Robert,
Most of my tracks are local and I subscribe to Tidal. I have a lot if rock, blues, jazz and also some classical and soundtrack. Layla is, by far, the biggest offender for some reason and I’m beginning to hate it because it cycles so often in the “shuffle”. Very annoying behavior. I’m not exaggerating that it repeats every 10 tracks or so.
I’ve only got one instance of it, in my local files. Most of the time it plays from my local library but ocassionally streams from Tidal. I’ve unhearted it in attempt to reduce its incessant repeats but, no go. Classical and soundtrack tracks never play in tracks/shuffle mode. “Seeding” shuffle in blues, r&b or rock genres does not seem to reduce Layla’s dominance. I’ve never “seeded” Layla. Other tracks from that same album only rarely appear in the shuffle. If I seed Rock, Blues or R&B it will, inevitably play within the first few “shuffled” tracks. If I seed Classical or Jazz genres it does not play, however.

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