I love my SB radio

Had it for years still works brilliantly apart from the.odd Roon oddity of it stopping after the first 30secs. Had to replace the battery last year. Been playing.non stop.in the garden since about 1.30,pm still going. Now on to Chic, well it’s that time of the night. :wink:

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Yeah, our SB Radio has been doing duty in the kitchen for years. Its great, Tells the time too. Because of the Roon oddities I started a parallel instance of Logitech Media Server pointing to the exact same music file library as Roon server, just to have the SB radio work 100% again. Can’t sync it to the rest of the endpoints, but oh well… maybe Roon will support Squeezeboxen better someday, or not. :wink:

Ok. My does the same thing. But it sounds like you got it working (not stopping after 30 seconds). Am I reading this wrong. I’d love to get mine to work and not stop after 30 seconds

I have one of these as well. Had to have it repaired a couple of times though. First time it was a bad power jack, and the second time a loose speaker cable. My older brother does the repair work, and he gets dinner out of the deal. Things are tricky to take apart. He had lots of micro tools.

No it does it still but currently not all the time. It seems to happen more when Roon brings it on from Standby.

The workaround in my case is pushing the on/off button on the Radio. Roon can’t bring the Radio out of standby mode in a proper way, as CrystalGipsy writes.