I’m a Qobuz Beta User!

(David W) #41

After a couple of hours of use in Roon 1.6, I am now going to change my Qobuz Subscription to a year of Studio to save 2 months fee.
With Tidal had that option also.

(iamoneagain) #42

Testing at home and I’m comparing Tidal MQA 24/96 albums to Qobuz 24/96 having them upsampled to 128dsd in HQPlayer and Qobuz is the clear winner. Bigger soundstage, more air, and feels cleaner. The MQA version has sort of bloom to the sound making sound a little bassier.

My dac can also do MQA but I found since most of library wasn’t ,overall sounded better to use HQPlayer upsample and for MQA just have roon decode.

I’m actually surprised the true hires sounded so much better since they claimed MQA at 24/96 was supposed to sound almost the same.

So now I can only hope Qobuz greatly expands at launch.

(Ali Shafai) #43

Those are my thoughts exactly! The SQ seems superior with Qobuz and I like having higher-res while on iOS and away from Roon. The only thing holding me back in subscribing and leaving Tidal is that Qobuz is lacking many of the artists the I listen to all the time and in cases where it does have the artist, there are many releases missing.

I am going to ask for another trial period once they are fully locked and loaded.

(iamoneagain) #44

I’m hoping they go live in next few days to see full library while still on trial. But good idea to ask for another 30 days to test the live version.

I assume roon released when it did to have integration ready for their launch.

(Ali Shafai) #45

I have until early Feb to test Qobuz. So, my hope is that they are at full capacity by then. Otherwise, I’ll ask for an extension. Because, I wouldnt want to pay for a month just to see what they have.

I’ve been giving feedback, reporting issues asking for enhancements in the last couple of weeks.

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(iamoneagain) #48

Just saw they are supposed to go live on Valentine’s Day.

I have until 2/16 to make a decision. But think I’m keeping Qobuz since the hires are the best I’ve ever heard. Even just listening hires Clash albums are amazing. Wouldn’t think punk rock would benefit as much but it does. Let’s hope there’s a big expansion of albums on launch day.


Got an email OK to sign on to Qobuz this pm.:grinning:

As luck would have it, I am migrating my library to a FAT formatted external drive so I can access/add new music to my Nucleus through my iMac.

Only 18 hours to go…

I look forward to the weekend so I can play with my new toy!

(Dick Vliek) #50

Have fun!



As mentioned earlier I also think the Beta is really now just a free trial and only adding people slowly to test out the servers. Glad to see they don’t try to hard to block non US customers as I got accepted even with a .au email address.

(John B) #52

Pink rock, my favourite genre.


(Hyunchul Jung) #53

I tried comparing Qobuz vs Tidal inside Roon.
Qobuz has better SQ but lacking some artist from Tidal.
It is very unstable. I could not start many tracts due to error. I think this is due to that it is beta version yet.
I will see the progression to live version from beta before I make a decision.

(New Haven, CT, USA) #54

I finally received the email to join the beta test yesterday. Took me just one hour of listening to Roon Radio to determine that I’m keeping both TIDAL and Qobuz, and ditching Pandora and Spotify. The cost of those two apps will free up the cash to subscribe to Qobuz. Thinking about it, the only thing I will miss is the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, but I’m sure I’ll get over it :slight_smile:

(Robert Coppersmith) #55

I’m a long time Qobuz 16/44 subscriber (pretended I was in France) and also Tidal/Roon, for some time as well. When the new Roon service started, I added Qobuz Subline on a trial period. It was and is flawlessly integrated at Roon with great SQ from both streamers. Everything, including my small catalog is there and available. I much prefer the Qobuz catalog and may drop Tidal later on. But for now, I"ll enjoy and compare both. I do have 150 mps service if that helps, and use a solid state MacBook Pro to house the Roon core.

(Harry Teel) #56

I’m new to Roon and just switched to a Qobuz Studio membership. I found a hi-res track in Qobuz but it didn’t show in Roon.

Do i need to rescan or does that only apply to my personal library? Whenever I search for something does Roon also run the search in my enabled services?


(Ged) #57

When you say you found a track what do you mean?


If you made an album in Qobuz (or Tidal) a favourite then it will take a while to appear in Roon automatically. To manually do this you need to go to Settings -> Services -> Edit (Quobuz or Tidal) -> Sync library now.

(John B) #59

Roon search will search all your library albums and all Tidal or Qobuz if you have them added as a service in Roon.


(Rob OK) #60

Just got in to Beta / one month trial.

Do they allow you to see other users playlists? It seems not…