I noticed that lifetime price Increased!

I usually come straight to the community forums and bypass the front page - but did today and noted the increase in Lifetime - now $699. I did a search to see any discussions on this and didn’t find any. I’m now going into my first year of Lifetime (at 499) - and have zero regrets. Not so sure I’d have pulled the trigger at $699 though. Psychologically - there’s a big difference between sub 500 and nearly 700. Hopefully the price increase is related to an increased demand for the product. Long live Roon!


Early adopters rejoice!


I will not pay $699.

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That’s the point, it’s clearly there to encourage a subscription model.


Ouch!!! That’s too much if you ask me.

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it would have been nice to have had a last call at $500 membership. I bet there would have been a nice cash bump in the membership. Now I just hear the crickets.:joy:


That’s a shame, I’m currently in the free trial period and enjoying using the software but the lifetime is now 6 times the annual. Unfortunately that’s too long a payback period for me.

Otoh … there are those of us who started with an annual subscription… decided Roon was good, but forgot to upgrade in the first months … and only remembered two weeks before the annual subscription ended… and then to continue service the second year had to buy a lifetime at the then $499 price.

The net, cost of one annual plus one lifetime, being closer to today’s price than the previous one. I’ve come to grips with that. lol

something big is coming…!?

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At least that got an update…


Apparently, every few months or so, Roon Labs discuss internally whether the Lifetime option should be dropped altogether. It looks as though this time round it has survived, but at a cost…


I view this as a precursor to the lifetime subscription option going away entirely. I am surprised by the price increase but not put out by it. Of course, I am over two years into my lifetime subscription…

I think a goodwill gesture would be to allow anyone in the 14 day trial period to snag a lifetime at the $499 price. Or for that matter - anyone currently doing yearly regardless of number of years at that sub.


TBH, I think the annual membership makes more sense for Roon’s business model. A constant inflow of cash. A lot of lifetime subscriptions are out there, and many of us are at or close to the breakeven point.


Being in Canada the price will be $ 925.00.Big increase and no updates in seven months pretty hard sell


I am 3 months into ROON and increasing lifetime by 40% in one swoop is not OK. I am tempted to return to Audivarna when my year is up.

Wow, not going to say how much I paid. Got in on one their holiday specials years ago. It’s already paid for itself.

Might be worth reminding peeps of @danny’s take (it’s the 2nd post in that thread)…

And for the curious, @c2c2c2’s take is rather illuminating.


Yea, I paid an early adopter price too. But I still remember all the crashes with the 32bit version.
Lifetime as business model makes no sense for Roon. I expected them to drop that option, because cash inflow is needed to fund the operation.


I’ve always thought that the lifetime option should go away as soon as the company was beginning to get well established. As I’ve noted before, I viewed my lifetime membership payment as a “kickstarter” contribution to help Roon get off the ground. These type things are only useful in the early days of an enterprise.