I noticed that lifetime price Increased!

Well, they could have just eliminated the lifetime subscription option without notice. That is coming so be prepared for that too.

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I am ok with this for the trialers who started before the increase. Contact us via email: contact [at] roonlabs.com

I’m also willing to extend this offer to anyone who recently got into an annual as of today as well… let’s say 30 days into it?


Well, a warning would have been good. A rather drastic price increase without anything new… seems pretty bold.
700 Dollars is a lot of money for software for private users.

this is generous


Exactly my thoughts

Well, that’s me out of Roon.

hrm… trying to understand some of the patterns here… in your case @nycenglish, you created multiple accounts and abused our NativeDSD coupon code for extended trials, and never once paid us! What could we have done differently to get your business at the lifetime price of $499?


I simply couldn’t afford it until December, but I 100% am sincere when I say I did plan to sign up for lifetime next month.

To be fair, I probably overreacted by saying I’m out and will probably just go for annual membership next month.

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Coming to the end of my free trial, I had just clicked on the “Buy Now” button on the page which was still showing the $499 price, when I surfed over here.

Sure enough, my credit card appears to have been charged $699. :frowning: I hope that, at least, can be corrected.

Unsure what happened, but what you describe is not possible. The credit card input page reiterates the price of $699 and expires itself. It also does not say “Buy Now”. I’ll look into how this happened.

You were in your trial and my offer above applies to you. Email contact [at] roonlabs.com and they will refund you.

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In a way my investment has just gained worth.
I had paid 500 for a product that is now 700 dollars.:innocent:

I was actually just trying to convert a friend to Roon, but he was not completely blown away by the 500 so I guess, this will not happen.

So have him buy an annual. The purpose of the increase was to shy people away from it and buy annuals instead. The price of an annual did not go up and remains at about the price of a coffee and croissant per month.


STILL a bargain at $699. GET IN!! :heart_eyes:

Maybe consider lowering the annual subscription fee in conjunction with raising the lifetime subscription fee? I’m sure y’all have done the math, but a lower annual price might increase participation. Maybe a one month trial run to see?

(And before anyone says it, I’m aware of the old adage about losing money on every sale but making up for it in volume.)

I agree.
I would imagine that the tranche of relatively ‘early adopters’ who went for the lifetime option have acted as pump-primers for Roon,
What Roon needs now is a large regular/dependable revenue stream, for business sustainability and continuing/ongoing product development.
By raising the price of lifetime, it will ‘encourage’ more people to go for annual, rather than lifetime, which will give Roon the income stream it needs to survive and develop.
Good/shrewd move by Roon, for the sustainable future of Roon, I say! :+1:


Two days ago, I ordered an Allo USBridge Sig as streamer and possibly Roon endpoint. I “tried” trying Roon while ago, but our Android phones didn’t “like” the Roon Core on our NAS with Linux. We couldn’t establish connections between Roon Core and Android phones. Apparently that was a common problem…

We now have an ipad and iphone in the family. With these two remotes, I thought give Roon another try — I was told I could have another trial at a later point when asked why not joining after the previous trial. I thought that was a kind gesture, and I was quite excited about trying Roon again. I fear $699 is pushing it for me — sadly, I am out too.

Just go for the annual option then.

Annual subscription is certainly not for me — not prepared to pay a tenna per month. I thought carefully about $499 for lifetime membership — to me it is a lot of money. I have no money tree… But I thought I would enjoy Roon — kind of pay-and-forget approach… :slight_smile: So I ordered a new Roon endpoint — I sold my previous DigiOne… I fear $699 will put off quite a few people who thought about lifetime membership and wouldn’t consider annual subscription. A pity there was no “warning” — I would have ordered the Allo USBridge Sig a bit earlier…

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Using/buying-into Roon is just like any purchase/lifestyle choice.
For example, if you have the money to go out and buy a Porsche to drive, you do. If you can’t afford to buy it outright, then you lease it.
This is no different. ‘You pays your money, you takes your choice.’ And nothing comes for free.
How many other cliches can I come up with…? :thinking:


I second that no warning to existing customers feels wrong. I understand the move in general but from a communications / customer relationship view it’s a missed opportunity to create a deeper relationship. Roon still could do it btw. 30 days - from the 1.7 release on - for all existing accounts with the old price.