I Propose a new Hardware Support Category for DEQX

I just bought a DEQX and there are proably others. This will allow us to communication regarding Roon and DEQX. Brian

Brian, I assume this didn’t happen. I have a HDP-4 and I’m curious what it can do as far as Roon is concerned. In my system I just feed it music, it doesn’t seem to directly interact with Roon at all.

How do you use Roon that makes use of the DEQX?

HI Ralf,

DEQX is a Roon Ready device and I’m told that a Roon Certified upgrade will come out very soon. When that happens we should be able to use the ethernet port vice USB, Toslink or Digital ports. Other “enhancements” are also rumored to be available.

Maybe DEQX or ROON can tell us when it will be ready?


I bought my unit direct from DEQX, I will email them and ask for further info. Will let you know if I get anywhere. It never occurred to me that it could be an endpoint in itself, that would be very nice. Maybe some of the DSP will be integrated.

Alan Langford at DEQX advised that only the HDP-5 and PreMate+ will be Roon compatible. They expect certification within approx 4 weeks. I have the HDP-4 so will still need a streaming device.

Will the upgrade be free and is it user-upgradable?

The firmware is free but the device is not upgradeable, so I can never use it with the version 4 I have, you need the version 5.

Is the ROON capable firmware for the HDP-5 available yet?

I agree there should be a Hardware Category for DEQX since they claim 2 of their products are Roon Ready certified. I also have a question. Do these devices (either PreMate Plus and HDP-5) have TWO WAY volume control with Roon? My PS Audio Direcstream has that feature and I like it very much. So if I use the volume slider in Roon, the volume readout on my DAC/preamp changes also. If I use the DAC-preamp’s remote volume control to change the volume, the Roon volume slider adjusts automatically to match. Do the DEQX products also function this way?

Just to close the loop on this. I did get an answer to my question. Yes, the DEQX PreMate Plus and HDP-5 do have two volume control with Roon.

I’ve had my DEQX PreMate Plus for a couple weeks and the two way volume control works well! One thing that really perplexes me is that before I used Roon with the Premate, I really did not like the volume control. The volume steps were too big so the music was often too loud or too quiet. Without being precise, I’d say there were something like 30-40 total volume steps. But when I started using the DEQX as a Roon endpoint, the volume control has 100 steps which is much more to my liking. I can set the volume precisely where I want to get the most realistic volume level. But wait…how is this happening? I figured the volume steps were dictated by the hardware of the component itself. How can my endpoint have more volume steps all of a sudden? Is the volume adjustment being implemented by Roon DSP now? This question never ocurred to me with my previous Roon endpoint PS Audio DSJ because that product has 100 volume steps with our without using Roon.

@support There have been multiple requests for there to be a hardware category added for DEQX. Can we get a response, please. This would be a nice resource for us DEQX owners. Cheers.