I really don’t understand some people who post on this and some other threads in the Roon forum

But then of course you go on to explain… Nothing personal, but part of the problem is you’re the latest in a long line of 'splainers, mostly prevalent on any power or cable threads. And I’m not letting myself off the hook either, been there done that, esp after the 1.8 release, and with cables, and MQA etc… And it doesn’t matter what ‘side’ you’re on. It’s the nature of the forum beast - there’s that cartoon of the man awake late at night, hovered over his computer, wife begging him to go to bed - “But honey, somebody on the internet is wrong!” Like, why am I here right now? I guess we all need to step back and ask, are we helping? Do adults need ‘saving’ from their first world toys? Do we need to rain on somebody else’s parade due to our own overcast skies?

Now I’ve given up with custom themes (too much work for every update), etc and just use Roon how it works for me in the precious little time I have to actually engage with music. The integration with my local 1000 titles and the smorgasbord of Qobuz titles added, is enough already to last me a lifetime. Roon 1.8 is no longer flaky for me like 1.7 was - could be due to a change in hardware (new ram and SSD when transporting the 7i5 to an Akasa case) but it’s a welcome change. There are still head scratchers about 1.8 (UI esp.) and just where the software is headed, and just how much potential it could have, and they are all good questions to keep asking, but perhaps without so much schadenfreude involved.

Best, Charles


And you kept it going too.

I have no axe to grind on this subject but if Roon wasn’t doing what it was supposed to for me I have no doubt that I would be grumbling. Through not complaining the British got to enjoy quality motors from Leyland……

I come for the product info and tips, and stay for the drama.


In fairness to Roon, metadata for music is one of the most difficult problems to completely solve. There is too much data to hand-tweak it to any significant degree and data normalization from evan a single source is complex because the data is often incorrect, incomplete, or duplicated.

I’ve reported metadata issues to Roon a number of times and they have always addressed them quickly (unlike feature requests which seem to be ignored).


Ah but I do and quite frequently. If I do have any complaints it’s that Roon is only good as the metadata it finds and the world of metadata is more often than not rather lacking. God forbid one has any “unidentified” “bootleg” recordings in one’s local music library. Nonetheless Roon does incorporate these recordings into one’s database based on the file tags. At the very least one needs to have good file tags.

Absolutely correct and I could not have said it any better. Bravo!

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You both give Roon too much credit. Their software happily creates duplicated artists it doesn’t even know anything about whilst a pre-existing namesake with albums and the same composers already exist in a library. It then goes even further and has the two namesakes participating in one another’s albums. That is a bug, nothing at all to do with metadata. But I get it, Roon is bug free and leaves no room for improvement.

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Question: what is the primary musical genre is your library? Mine happen to be jazz, pop/rock and classical, in that order.

With respect to jazz and pop/rock Roon’s use of metadata is pretty good. Again Roon is only as good as the metadata that’s available.

Classical music is another kettle of fish and the woefully terrible metadata available has long been an issue. To Roon’s credit they are very aware of these issues and are taking steps that will hopefully aid in resolving some of these issues. However one should be aware of just a difficult a task this is going to be and work, not against, Roon in helping to fix this complete system of metadata.

Please note: I’m using the term “metadata” very broadly but in reality metadata is compromised of many things - local file tags and online sources being two main sources but also the utter lack of conformity and consistency between sources. A real mess that may never be resolved.

A broader point raised for me when I saw the topic in my weekly Roon email is how much I can’t stand internet forums anymore. I know I’m generalising but so many lame pointless postings (especially the Hoffman Music Corner) on forums where regulars just seem to hang out and be ready with the pithy/sarcastic/pompous etc. reply- what a waste of time. Posters taking exception to comments and posting like there opinions actually mean something and they have some sort of status as posters. All so lame IMO.


I couldn’t agree more. I have a very modest listening set up. I stream Tidal via pc into an ifi Zen Dac. Roon gave me the ability to have app control from my phone streaming native high res music. Without have one to spend a ton of money on some music streamer… Not to mention Roons software and algorithm suggested music is heads and shoulders above tidal. I love roon and tidal and I even think MQA sounds great. I wish people would just let people enjoy their music and stop with the cancel campaigns…. If you don’t like tidal and MQA cool don’t use it. But don’t try and ruin it for those who do…


Completely agree.

So you don’t want people to post anything that contradicts what other people think? If they are not of the same opinion they should just not post?

I guess the Roon mods would like that since there would be very little need for moderations. But, it sure would cut down on valuable discussion and debate.


If life is a bed of roses you still need to pour crap on them to make them grow.


Lightweight user here, my low carb diet hopefully keeps me that way :joy:

My puny 9000 albums 170 k tracks keep me busy enough.

I am happily retired and get the chance to listen 7 days a week for as many hours as I can fit in.

I am a 5 year Roon user 10 year JRiver user. I am a retired Microsoft developer, so I use Windows. Any bugs I find I must skip over unnoticed. Roon has shortcomings, any software does , but out and out failures very few.

My big question for this thread is “why are people afraid to reboot a PC?” Try living in the “lightning capital” of the world and watch your equipment fry !! I suppose my nasty habit of unplugging electronics saves me from all the cumulative memory leaks I see reported.

My question is if not Roon what then, try the debacle of Audirvana Studio, launched with a fanfare and no remote app , plus the inability to play to a multi award winning “best streamer”

I think I’ll stick with Roon ….


My MacBook Pro needs more rebooting than my Windows 10 PC, and more than Roon. The entities you mentioned than don’t need rebooting are that way because they don’t let users mess around with their internal workings.


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I love Tidal’s playlists. Much better than QoBuz’s rather weak playlists and selection of playlists. On the other hand I have no MQA capable hardware so my solution: I have the basic Tidal subscription (AAC streaming) and a full QoBuz subscription (up to 24bit/192kHz flac streaming) and that works great for me.

As per your post I will keep my opinion about MQA to myself :grin:

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It’s nothing like that. One is an actual issue with data to back the grievance, this is just opinion and equating Apple to the service offered by Roon doesn’t make sense. Apple and Roon aren’t even the same type of service let alone the same type of customer demo. Roon has two primary things going for it, the amount of high end audio hardware that is “Roon Ready” and the user experience with Roon as an interface, there are more I can list but those are the biggies.

Doubt we’ll ever see a Mola Mola Tabmaqui, or Auralic G2 that’s being advertised as “Apple Ready”. :slight_smile:

Wholeheartedly agree. Those who preface comments with “everybody/nobody/always/never” and the like betray their false narratives.

I totally agree that Roon is perfect and should charge whatever price they like as they are unique.

With that out of the way, one should not underestimate the potential amount of Apple Ready products. You may well see a Mola Mola Dac bring Apple Music ready in the not too distant future……

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probably not the only one I am guessing…