I want a simple - OFF TIMER [done]

Why is there not a simple timer to shut off my music at night? (Sonos Simple).
The key word being simple! I don’t want another app to handle that process.


This could be part of the same feature as this: Putting zones into standby automatically

I agree on having a simple built in Sleep timer. The only way to do it now is to install the Extension Manager and then there is what seems to be a very good extension, but I think a core build in feature would be best.


If you establish a playlist (playlist queue length would determine the amount of time),

Radio (ON) will tell you how long the play-time is

After establishing the amount of time you want the system to play, turn RADIO off (slider on the right side of the screen shot), …only the queue you set will play, silence thereafter

——- the music will stop at the end of the playlist. Fairly simple unless you are trying to get super specific with how much time you want the setup to play.

It’s not a sleep timer but will function just the same.

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That is a very good suggestion. I like to go to sleep with a 30 or 45 min timer on (usually I don’t last past the first song) May suffice…Thanks


Not a bad idea… all of my playlists are long, but I could just queue up a few songs and turn off Radio. Good work around, but I hope they build it in just the same.


Like this idea. Alarm clock wake up should be built into the product too. (Yes I’m aware there are extensions)


What, you don’t like to put the cans on, fall asleep, then wake up to the odd Slayer song that Roon thought was “easy listening”?


I’d like a sleep timer also


Just being able to automate a “pause” for streaming while the backup window completes would be good.

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Any movement on this? It’s a drag to start Roon and then switch to BluSound to set a simple timer. Thanks


Anything on this feature? Thanks.

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Is there a way to remotely start the playback with an url? So i cloud use my iPhone when iOS 13 is ready with scheduled shortcuts.

Install Tasker.

Does it work on ROCK?

No, it works on you smartphone.
Just noted that Tasker is Android only.
There must be alternatives for iPhone out there.

Here another vote for a SIMPLE sleep timer. I don’t want to create a special play list as a work around (use radio a lot!). I have tried the alarm clock extension, but this doesnt work on a mobile phone so I cannot use this. Shouldn’t be to difficult to include one button to activate a sleeptimer in the specified zone? Please…

Yes, c’mon guys - how many times do we have to ask for this?

Does ROON team can give a feedback about that ?

+1 That would be a great feature