I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?

No pressure devs, I know you release updates pretty regularly and all the work is much appreciated by this lifetime subscriber for sure.

However, speculation can be fun.:grinning:

So what would people’s #1, Roon 1.6 Christmas present be?

Mine would be Qobuz integration - the oft mentioned topic in the feature requests section. Yeah, I know, not that again. I’d also like to see some date range options for Focus… i.e. “played between”, 'added between", etc.

Others? What would you like to see in 1.6?


Qobuz integration and a improved internet radio!


Individual track ratings would be my clear number 1. That would be Christmas and birthday all in one go for me.:grinning:


Qobuz integration and individual track ratings would be awesome!


Improved META data would be great, preferably the addition of Discogs, tracks info and artwork (and if you know input the discogs albums version number).
And split up of albums by type: Studio, Live, Singles, bootlegs, multichannel.
Have discography info available (not only what tidal provides), allmusic info on all albums released to see what’s missing, and what’s different in album version, if I look for bonus tracks they are not alway visable because they are in the duplicate album.
We can have wishes for Christmas, these are mine.


Dirac filters integration!


A revamp iOS app where you can use Focus & see number of song played. I’l like to see a tvOS app too :slight_smile:


I would really love a very refreshed interface experience. Not just a new look and feel (which isn’t really my wish), but the ability to have more user control over layout, content, sources of info, etc. I would also love to see the gaps in tagging and other collection organizational features be filled in.

That’s not to say that Roon wasn’t a revelation when I started using it 2 years ago. But it’s gotten a little stale (to me) and I’d love a refresh. A few new things to play with.

There is sooo much untapped potential with Roon. Sometimes you just want to fast forward and see it done!



Splitting album type would seem like a modest request but very helpful

Plus better box set management. Each disc should have ability to have it’s own picture and ideally a name other than disc N somewhere

Think about how to improve ID and Mgmt of these new Blu-ray super delux sets.


Yeah, this UI update we got told time and again about might magically appear under the :christmas_tree: … let’s hope it isn’t just different.

What I’d love to see disappear are those annoying and often just little glitches in the UI like drop down entries too small for the content to display

and instead of denying me the access to items below a larger set of focused tags a dynamically adapting browser area

Also, Focus tag selection needs an accessibility overhaul:

And then maybe Roon surprises us with some tiny additions to functionality, who knows. I wouldn’t mind this:

or this

and I miss the ability to focus performances in compositions view:

A great present for the local metadata gardeners would be support for more tags - those I miss the most:

ROONALBUMTAG … mapped to Roon tags on album level
ROONTRACKTAG … mapped to Roon tags on track level

Let’s wait and see what we’ll get. :slight_smile:

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Yes! I’ve been waiting so long I fear I’ve forgotten all of the tips and tricks I used to use to add metadata through Foobar that I could have used to import that data into Roon.

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Indeed! A Boxset Browser would be really cool.


A lot of good requests in here. My wish has been:

  • Support for mobile access of your collection outside of your network. I use custom tags all the time that I would love to access on the go. Majority of my collection is on Tidal.


Fix just a few of the classical niggles highlighted over the year


Support for the LYRICS tag in track metadata – display user’s lyrics.


None of the above! :rofl:


Fix display issues in the Android app would be my number one. Seems like iOS is the favorite child and Android is the ugly duckling.


Yeah, the fonts on Android are so small as to be unreadable. Don’t seem to respect the Android font-size settings, either.

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Yes second vote for discogs as extra metadata provider

most of my ripped vinyl is not or badly identified now

Oh and also a vote for qobuz

Maybe a small third item,: full focus available in phone mode (also settings tab)


Password protected users. Being able to restrict users from editing and deleting. That is, a guest or party mode.