I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?

(Henri Serton) #21

Qobuz integration, more options are always nice.

Mobile connection

They are working on a new GUI, curious about that.

Oh, fade out at pause and stop.

(Staatskapelle) #22

#1 - - Qobuz integration

#2 - Improved metadata for classical and opera but I realize this is an ongoing challenge with numerous moving parts

#3 - Disable lyrics display when using Chromecast as a display


Wow some truly awesome ideas! Some of them were actually solutions to problems I was semi unaware of until I read them, and which I really want implemented now :). Without kidding, all of the above ideas are really solid and should be implemented ASAP.

(Jim Austin) #24

Qobuz integration. Personal review/notes field for albums, tracks, and works. More focus options relevant to classical (eg performer, conductor, ensemble)

(Andrew Cox) #25

Composer browser toggle between Composition and Album view.
Point and click genre tree editor with mapping and user defined genres.
Boolean logic operators in Focus.
General option to fade out on Stop/Pause.
Internet Radio can be Queued.
Insert pause in Queue.
Party mode - restrict functions of a Control with password.
Default library view for Profiles.

Edit: None of this is based on any knowledge I have beyond what has been publicly shared. It’s just a quickfire wishlist.

(Paul Dickerson) #26

I don’t get my hopes up anymore. Integration with obscure products and vendors is probably top on Rooms list. Please prove me wrong Roon.

(Richard Zehr) #27

I’d like to see Search By and Sort By Bit-rate, to make it easier to find the high-res versions of albums.
And Please add Qobuz integration, as I dropped Tidal months ago for having a remarkably small catalog of Jazz.
While you are at it, please support the Auralic Aries and other streamers which simply need the URL of the music, rather than sending music from Roon Core in real-time. Roon is not the best-sounding streaming source, and the Aries can take most of the work off the Core machine, while delivering better sound…

(Andrew Cox) #28

Hi Richard,

Just noting you can Focus on the Library by file type, including resolution with the Focus/Format tool at the far right of the Focus panel (may have to cliick right arrow to scroll).

(Hugo Sharp) #29

Hell yeah!

(Mike O'Neill) #30

Composer browser showing albums would get my BIG vote, I find Composition useless its just swamped in Bach and Beethoven by having all works sets in there



I’d also like to see the Overview page revamped (a lot).
The wide and thin nature of the Featured Artist and Featured Composer looks odd. Often the pictures will be just the top of an artists head - and the pics are so big that any low resolution image looks awful.
The header bar also wastes a lot of space.
These are cosmetic rather than functional, of course, but it all contributes to the experience.

(Johan) #32

Dirac integration
Qobuz integration

(Tony) #33


can’t you do that already with the Focus tool? Roon should default to the highest res (Primary) version of an album by default anyway.

(Peter Myers) #34

Yep Dirac integration vote here also.
And a mobile version…I.e outside of network

(Mr Fix It ) #35

Just because roon pulled one out the hat last year at Xmas doesn’t mean they will make a habit of it…but we can hope I guess :smile:


I’d also like to see

  • “overview page” redesigned
  • suggested and new Tidal albums from artists that you have in your library
  • on artist’s main page newest album/albums visible instead of oldest

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #37

" What you get is a searchable, surfable magazine about your music."

Except that once you read a magazine, it sits in a pile with the other old magazines in the bathroom. In other words, the magazine part needs a refresh! More/different content, or at least different ways to configure and access the same content so it feels more refreshed.

  1. Don’t let this become a bloatware program - stick to core fundamentals that made Roon the best
  2. Metadata enhancement - as many others have suggested add the ability to add our own metadata/notes in either a new “tab”, field or whatever. Possibly support discogs or other metadata services that isn’t limited to just “popular” artists as allmusic seems to be


Another one of these threads - and it has grown so quickly! I wonder if anyone actually reads all the entries…

As ever, I feel compelled to add my current priorities:

  1. The ability to “group” albums into box sets or other groups, though with the ability to view each CD in that set as a separate item with it’s own album art, info, etc.

“Other groups” might include a series of CDs (e.g. Cafe Del Mar volume 1, 2, 3 etc) - it would be nice to have a single Cafe Del Mar entry in the album browser but with the ability to then delve into the items within.

  1. The ability to group albums on an artist’s page into Albums, singles & EPs, bootlegs, anthologies, compilations etc.

  2. The ability to add reviews for artists of albums missing them, and to add extra reviews from other sources for albums.

  3. Improved album art handling, including the ability to move or delete images in the Roon image viewer, label images and have a better overview of the available images rather than a few thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Ability to show all albums that an artist made, with those missing from your collection shown in light grey or suchlike.

  5. Ability to add personal notes to an album (or ideally track also).

EDIT: an important number 7, which I had forgotten about until I read the below:

  1. The ability to connect to the Roon core from mobile devices (e.g. iPhones) over the internet, and stream music as well as add favourites etc.

There are more, but these are the main ones.

(JohnV) #40

I thought I’d chime in with a tote board of possible changes. The odds may change at any time, but here goes:

5:4 – Qobuz integration. The prohibitive favorite. Their emphasis has been to expand their range, and this fits the bill. Perhaps there will be a bonus feature. Qobuz/Roon might be able to really deliver the classical experience. The real question is how it will be integrated. Just a handshake and an import button? Or more along the lines of TIDAL? The big announce will be joint, probably around December 9th. Big splash. This may push back everything else, afraid to say. Look at MQA and to a lesser extent, Chromecast.

20:1 – Brand new UI interface. Its a bit early for a total rethink of the whole interface, although some of its weaknesses are being revealed. While it is undoubtedly a necessary investment for Roon (at some point), it’s not a compelling investment. Easy to postpone. And seemingly, there are a LOT more people praising Roon than panning it.

5:1 – Modest UI improvements. Artwork seems to be bubbling up to the top (along with the tops of many artists’ heads), but Roon is aiming for the fences. (Trying to write an algorithm that automagically sizes and edits art for the app.)

4:1 – Mobile Roon. This is a tricky one to handicap. No question that it is a desired feature and may attract new subscribers. The question is how to go about it. Portable or cloud streaming? Sound quality: MQA primarily, MP3 for the masses? More kit purchases? This one can be done in phases, so that’s appealing to Roon.

50:1 – Playlist improvements. Face it, the Roonies as a group don’t use playlists themselves, and their heads will follow their hearts. Anyway, they can argue that they DO have “AND logic”, albeit convoluted.

100:1 – Radio improvement. Beyond a tweak here or there, Roon will say they have already addressed this area in recent past. Won’t see daylight.

100:1 – Ratings improvements. A lot of demand for track ratings, some call for composition ratings. BUT…while it may be easy to implement from a programming point of view, it would require a rework of the whole interface to find the necessary window space. Not likely without a companion UI project.

250:1 – Metadata overhaul. Why would they spend lots of resources to satisfice a tiny (classical) market? They gave it a good try in 2015-16, but there were too many exceptions to consider, and too little quality raw databases to access. HOWEVER, this seems to be a point of passion for at least a subset of Roonies, so I suspect they will continue to chip away at the issue.

1000:1 – Updated documentation, FAQs, help etc. Face it: would you want to write a new manual? Would any new user say, “Wow! What a great FAQ section!”? Documentation flies in the face of their (unstated) objectives to make Roon a magical product (it just…WORKS!) They don’t want people fiddling with tags, adjusting settings, etc., except for those people who actually like doing such things. Maybe some cosmetic changes, like dropping references to the “new” version 1.3.

See you at the races! :slight_smile: