I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?

You mean under Overview, but yes, I like that suggestion more than some kind of notification.

Yes the overview page or maybe even the discover page. They both could become more interesting with functions like this. Album releases,.neighbourhood concert info, newsfeeds etc. Just like a real magazine.


Yes - I don’t think I’d like some sort of flag every time a new album comes out, but if in the Discover or Overview pages, that would be fine, and I wouldn’t really mind if the flag appeared on the artist page until I clicked on it, sort of like the PM notices in the forum.

That said, there are challenges we probably haven’t thought about. For example, does Tidal actually denote new releases in some way that differentiates them from the regular rotation and removal of one CD UPC for another?

In other words, I don’t think it would be that great for new releases to just include the regular churning of the Tidal catalog if it is not either a bona fide new release or a bona fide remaster worth looking at. Not that interested in seeing this track immaterial catalog changes.

Think further then Tidal. Allmusic (Rovi data, ssme as Roon uses) allready has a new releases site where you can select releases by date, genre, label and album type.


Actually, I like the Idea of just have “new” banner over the artist that fades after a certain time period.

For what it is worth, I suggested this back in 2015.

With all this anticipation, Roon 1.6 is likely to be a big non-event… Bug fixes and background stuff.

I suspect they’re waiting for the Qubuz integration to land, for Qubuz to be actually open in the US.

Yeah I said that before and they promptly shot that down. I do agree, it must be Qobuz.

I’d be surprised. There’s really no reason to wait.

Yet here we are

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From our ( user’s ) perspective there may not be any reason to wait on Qobuz but from Roon’s perspective things may not look the same. If one assumes that they have been working on Qobuz integration then their current code base probably includes Qobuz functionality in addition to bug fixes and other additions. It may not be trivial to remove all the Qobuz related code to release an upgrade without it.


Why would they need to remove the Qobuz code?
The service is live and has been for quite some time, just not in the US.

Contract with Qobuz, feature not yet turned on Qobuz’s side, perverse desire to frustrate the Hell out of some people :sunglasses:

Obviously I have no idea why but I can appreciate there could be valid reasons.


Also the way Roon is architected major features can be enabled / disabled by their backend services be that globally or on an account by account basis … so even if the speculation were true … Roon could still release 1.6 and then activate new features at will. There is no need to remove any code.

The reality is plain old boring… Qubuz or no Qubuz Roon 1.6 it’s just not ready yet …


No, definitely Devialet RAAT. I’m sure it’s almost ready too… :+1: :grin:

Qobuz open beta is open in US as of yesterday. I am already using it.

The closed beta was open about a month ago. I am pretty sure Roon had access to that. Besides, that’s about US. Qobuz was available freely in other countries for years.

They’re adding a feature that anyone who posts a critical comment about Roon on the forum automatically has their queue filled with the Brittany Spears discography, which must play through before control of the queue is returned.



Unless I missed a post by the Roon folks, there is no reason to assume they are waiting at all. No schedule has been given for 1.6. They may well still be testing it, or it might still be under development.

No you didn’t miss a post - I was referring to the fact I’d be surprised if they were waiting to release because of Qobuz.

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