I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?

(JohnV) #141

Exactly! It’s time we shut those people down. They’re destroying Roon, to say nothing of our country and world.


I just thought - maybe there won’t be a 1.6… it might be Roon 2.0…


(Ben D) #143

I’d like to see Roon not run as root without having to use a 3rd party docker package. Also more generic endpoint icons. I’ve got two USB outputs, one for my stereo and one for my headphone DAC/AMP. Icons to reflect that would be nice as neither one are “roon ready”


Well Roon has been out for a few years now and is due for a major face lift so I was thinking the same as you.

(Andrew Cox) #145

Crikey ! Looks like a user has cracked “The Secret Plan”. Mods - time to implement “Operation Coverup” !

(Mike O'Neill) #146

I’m taking my 5 Ring Cycles my headphones and Zimmerman frame and going out in the garden to eat worms

I may be a little while, JRiver is sooooo slow

(Mike O'Neill) #147

I hate Apple Too especially auto correct

(John) #148

Fixed that for you :wink:

(Janet ) #149

<My most visible is (despite (at)brain once said this shouldn’t happen) if I modify an embedded tag such as genre, roon not only re-scans the album but also forces a re-analzye for simply nothing. This is pretty annoying if mass-correcting some thousand tracks.>

Would you mind clarifying your comment? When you say you modify genre and Roon rescans and forces a re-analyze, are you suggesting that a Roon overrides your new edit?


Genre’s tagging are a bit of a mess for me and really seem to mess up my Radio experience. Because almost everything with a guitar is tagged Pop/Rock the resulting Radio playlist can be quite eclectic. If I start with Napalm Death, for example, I do often hear a bit of my daughter’s JoJo Siwa pop in for a surprise visit…
But, only focus on this after mobile Roon is done, please :wink:

(Mike O'Neill) #151

Editing a Tag by definition is by a 3rd party tool, this marks the file as modified in the file system . Roon sees this change and reimport the “new” file

Doing a big change to say correct a Genre or a composer name sets Roon off churning away

(Daniel Gale) #152

Fair points, all, and well stated @John_V . However, a little sympathy for the Classical metadata whiners may be in order. How would you feel if Roon sorted your 40 volume historical survey of Rap’s greatest hits by title only, rendering 637 identical tracks of “Yo! B_tch!” unsearchable even by “artist’”?


I think rendering rap songs as unsearchable would be a great feature.
It’s my new #1 ask.

(Mike O'Neill) #154

I suspect mr Venables had his tongue firmly in his cheek, he beats me as a supporter of the classical arts

(JohnV) #155

I’m afraid my attempt at satire wasn’t well understood, because I AM the prototypical metadata whiner. :slight_smile:

I have empathy, my fellow traveler!

(Dick Vliek) #156

No. We are not getting a Roon xmas present.

(Daniel Gale) #157

I suspected so - the articulate and artful post was the tip-off :smile: Happy travels!

(Daniel Gale) #158

Funny - I suspected you might be a “fellow traveler” and initially used “empathy”, but hedged my bets with “sympathy”. Empathy it is!


Sorry I probably missed it, but has any info been shared as to if the next version will be a major rev or an incremental?


It has been determined that Roon is now feature complete. Christmas is cancelled.