I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?


Some information has been shared on what is being worked on - e.g. UI redesign - but nothing in terms of when the next version will be or when that version will be available (which is the approach the Roon guys, understandably, want to take).


OK thanks, just didn’t know if I missed something. I understand and appreciate the concept of them not revealing future functionality etc…


Ah ok. So just a UI and UX overhaul then? :slight_smile:


No, those are features too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(James Mellor) #166

Moblie app for tidal and iTunes

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #167

Stability and current features working perfectly.

(Marco) #168

Portrait view for ipad Pro 10.

Crossfader on skipping tracks manually.

(Kevin Roxby) #169

I’m one of those “old” guys. Can’t stand rap but I do fully agree with your “whiner” observations. Follow your bliss. Someone writes to say he/she won’t be signing up … who cares. Not I. At least read the damn manual before writing about a problem like Tidal being open in 3 apps at once and not getting the anticipated result.

(Vladimir) #170

Fixing iPad app - buggy rendering, slowness, and freezings makes me upset.


Ditto here. Fix iPad App. The new Pro does not do Portrait mode anymore. And lots of wasted real estate


I must have already received my Christmas update as I do not experience any of those issues with may iPad Pro.

(Sean) #173

Yup, there’s too much rap in Tidal via Roon :grin:


Hmmmm… Are you saying you are able to see Roon on Portrait mode on the new iPad Pro 12.9” third generation (2018)?


Second generation iPad Pro in either portrait or landscape mode.


Yeah… the issue is with the new, third generation iPad Pro. Your 2017 2nd gen is fine. I used to have one before I upgraded to the new Pro

(Lior) #177
  1. Remote + Mobile Roon
  2. Discovery Radio - radio that goes outside your library.
  3. Better discovery options. I know the link browsing of similar artists and such is great to some users but I’m too lazy for that. Spotify has been the best for discovery for me so far with its auto-generated playlists - daily mixes, discover weekly and release radar. So I want something similar from Roon.

I think in general, what I want most is for Roon to cover all use-cases of how I consume music. I don’t want to have to go to other services for the things Roon doesn’t do, or does badly or worse than those services.

(Chris ) #178

I have the gift but don’t use it… why ever would anybody want to… it’s just wrong :joy:


Apple TV app (tvOS)

Better meta-data for bootlegs and live releases sold directly by bands (LivePhish for example).

    • Qobuz… I know scratched record…
  1. Easy way to focus on just my library and exclude Tidal - sure used to be able to do this before the MQA stuff came along???
    • Smart playlists
    • UX/UI overhaul
    • Remote/Mobile
  2. Free lifetime license for me (thanks in advance!)

(GaryM) #181

You really do believe in Santa Claus. :wink::santa: