I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?

(Miquel Barba) #182

The main thing I would like to add it’s to improve how to discover music.

Now you can apply a lot of filters in my library, I would like to use those filters with the Tidal catalog, for instance: 5 starts albums from the 70s.

I would like to filter by rating, format (MQA), genres, years, picks, compilations

This way I would explore the Tidal catalog to find gems that I don’t know

(Andrew Cox) #183

You can still Focus on Tidal and toggle (+/-) to show all non-Tidal Albums. MQA doesn’t change that.

What do you mean by a smart Playlist ?


Playlists who know how to solve equations with one or more variables as well as the multiplication table.

(Stefan) #185

Normally a ‘smart playlist’ is one which is based upon a ruleset so that in case new stuff rolls in matching these rules, they get auto-added to that playlist.
Example: I would define a playlist being genre = Hard Rock + from 1980 till 1990 and in case something gets released it gets added.

xmas …
I would more love a

  • keep alive for defined radio stations
  • the ability to adjust volume per radio station since they do differ a lot (asking for volume adj.)
  • and of couse make roon being an audio output device so that all plays through it
  • better and more metadata in general
  • the ability to get bio in the preferred language once Quboz made it into roon
  • same for the splash screen … which reminds I wanted to simply drop the content of the underlying textfile into deepl.com to see if their translation, which is know to be excellent, would work.

(Andrew Cox) #186

Not sure what you mean by the first bullet point. Deaths from Internet Radio have been remarkably low this year !

Have you tried turning on Volume Levelling when browsing variable volume stations ?

(Stefan) #187

Well I tend to use this to compensate for my initial 3rd bullet, means OddCast + Icecase or Altacast+Icecase to serve whatever software / device I got, so that I could feed 16/44.1 through roon. And since I’m too lazy to watch if the playlist runs out of entries a ‘keep alive’ would simply adress this issue, since it’s a bit awfull to always reinvoke roon after it closed down.

Volume Leveling is set to Auto, and it seems to work if playing local files.

(David Mathias) #188

Priority one is to address issues with LG HIFI DAC devices where the Roon app cuts out when Roon is not the foreground app. This has been noted across multiple generations of LG phones.

(Wayne Bull) #189

+1 so annoying on my V30


Thanks Andybob! I didn’t know about the (+/-) focus function.

Sorry I should elaborate around the “Smart playlists” idea - in Roon it could be called “Smart bookmarks”.

I would like to use Boolean logic in the “Smart bookmarks” - for example All albums with DR rating >= 10 AND Year = 2018 AND Format = FLAC OR Format = ALAC

As an example!

Hope this is clearer…

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #191


10 chars


I think there’s a lot of scope for improving the ability to

  • search (select) / filter
  • sort by
  • group by

I’m thinking of the album view screen. Focus should be integrated into it directly and have the ability to search / sort / group.

My 2p

(Rune) #193

My only wish is a Apple Watch app.
Would be satisfied with just having Play, Pause and skip track.
Zone selection and volume control would also be nice to have.

(JohnV) #194

@andybob here’s a link that describes smart playlists a la Apple: Genres, Tagging and Bookmarking ...brainstorming


Boy is that a good idea. I’d even purchase a Apple Watch with that capability. It is a pain having to pick up my iPad or laptop to pause Roon playback.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #196

You used to have to get up off the couch and walk across the room to pick up the needle. Just noting how perspectives will shift.

(Mike O'Neill) #197

I got an email re my auto sub payment that told me what’s in the next release ?? Tempting me to renew

Very un Roon , wouldn’t you like to know …


If that is true, then they must have more or less completed the work.


I had the same last year beforerenewing my subscription.

(JohnV) #200

OK, I’m down on my knees, begging you please: what’s in the next release?

(Derek Wyman) #201

Just purchase a harmony hub. Then you can access play/pause and volume anyway you’d like. Hey google/hey Alexa/any smart home switch etc. Assuming your end point is controllable by a remote. There are also ways to control your tablet thru google/alexa.