I would like to Edit the Name of a Tag

Could someone tell me how to edit the name of a Tag you’ve created in Tag Manager please.

@mike @brian Any chance either of you could help me on this point please?



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For a variety of reasons, tags are not standalone entities that can be edited. Rather, they are annotations on albums, tracks, artists, and works–they are part of the object that they are attached to.

So the way to think about this operation is in two pieces. You want to:

  • remove the old tag from all of the items
  • add the new tag to those same items

You can do this using “manage tags” from the album/track/work/artist browsers:

  1. Focus on albums (or tracks, artists, works) that have the tag you want to remove (“my old tag” in this case):

  1. Select all, click the “+” button, and pick “Manage Tags…”

  1. Enter the name of your new tag, and click “create”

  1. Click the old tag, so its checkmark disappears, then click “save”

@brian Many thanks for your reply Brian, very helpful.

Would it be possible in a future build to have a similar situation with Playlists as with Tags. That is when you select the + button and go to Add to Playlist there are check boxes next to your Playlists (as there are for Tags) so if you want to put a track into more than one Playlist you could check the boxes against those Playlists you want that track to appear in. This would save having to go through the whole selection process for each Playlist.

Thanks again.


@mike, please make sure that we consider this proposal.

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