I would like to setup the Roon Bridge in mips CPU, how do I setup?

How to get the SDK to build the Roon Bridge on my old mips music box?
According to the article, said there is a C code for RAAT runs in mips.

If it could help me, it would be kind to improve my music environment.

Hi @Albert_Yin,

Users do not have access to the SDK, you will be limited to the current Linux environments that Roon Bridge supports: x64, x86, armv7hf, and armv8 on Linux.


Hi @noris

Thanks for your reply.
Is there possible by offering our gcc
evaluation board toolchain for you to build Roon Bridge
and using the lib to make EV board an Roon output end device come true?
If it couldn’t how can I make it?

Best Regards,
Albert Yin

Any update?

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