i2S streamer for Denafrips DAC

Hi all,
I’ve been out of the circuit for some time and did some reading recently, it feels like i2S is the preferred way over USB/AES/SPDIF if the DAC accepts it.
I have a Denafrips Terminator DAC that accepts i2S over HDMI input. What would be a decent, plug and play solution for this? Do I need a special HDMI cable or any HDMI cable will work?

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We use the Auralic G2

The Auralic Aries G2 does not have i2S.

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Why not one of the Denafrips’ DDCs?

Also, maybe one of the Singxer DDCs output the correct I2S signal (there’s three variations) for the Terminator.

Any up to spec HDMI cable will work. Don’t overspend.

I would go for this:

Whatever streamer (or DDC) you settle on, make sure that the I2S implementation is the same implementation as on your DAC.

Thank you for all the replies. If I understand correctly, Denafrips can adapt to any standard of i2s pinout by some clever config with the front buttons.
The DDC’s are not ideal as I’m looking for a digital transport that will take data from ethernet or WiFi (ed. Roon endpoint).

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I know that is true of the Terminator + but not sure about the original Terminator.
You might want to verify with Alvin first unless you already know or have done so.

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Pi2AES does exactly that…

Good one, mine is actually the newer(newest) Terminator II.
Will take a look at the Pi2AES however this one seems to ship from April onwards.

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AUNE S5 seems to have I2S, would it be any better than a SOTM stack?