iBasso DX160 DAP & Roon Android App - a failure

That’s strange because when I did my research everyone said the exact opposite about SQ beyween DX160 and R5. Besides, I used to own the R6 and was even worse in WIFI reception.

I’m not expecting the DAP to have the strongest reception as these things are built with SQ as the main priority so the manufacturer is trying to eliminate interference as much as possible. My Note10+ has 10x times better reception.
However, I’m still able to stream Spotify with the DX160 sitting at the backyard which only goes to show that the problem lies with the bandwidth Roon uses or the data management of the Roon app itself.

Spotify is compressed audio and if setting not changed is adaptive so is using way less data rate than Roon, as it’s sending uncompressed PCM to the dap regardless of source as it only sends PCM to endpoints.

Sure. I wasn’t implying they use the same data. After all Spotify works and Roon doesn’t with thie specific setup… What I’m trying o figure is how efficient that Roon app is with background data management. I have a TOTL android phone (Note 10+) which has only started to work OK after Roon 1. 7 major upgrade.
Before that there were pops and cuts continuously that rendered user experience with roon unbearable.

Needless to say my Spotify app is set to highest quality 320kbps ogg.

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As no progress has been made with this I’m forced to put the device on sale. Thanks…

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