iBasso dx160 DAP

Wonder if anyone has heard or got one of these yet. Interested in getting one for all my headphone listening as it covers everything I would want. Would likey sell all my DragonFlys to fund the purchase. I know it’s new but do any Dx150 users run Roon on it? I know for the time being it’s still limited until the Android refresh but I am thinking ahead. How do they compare to others such as M11.

I don’t see what resolutions it supports. Do you? A device such as this would be better than a Dragonfly hanging out of an iPhone when out and about.

Up to DSD256 and supports MQA, which is why I am interested as at this price point little supports MQA.

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I prefer the convenience of my phone and good wireless and noise cancelling headphones like the Dali IO-6. I’m not a fan of IEM’s. :headphones:

Have you considered the HiBy R5? similar to the iBasso but with the play store integrated.

I’m considering getting one purely for streaming nugs and livephish.

It does not do MQA yet and is more expensive. This one covers all my bases for a price I am happy with.

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OK, this sounds dumb, but I don’t know much about a DAP. Can you download songs and albums directly from Tidal and Qobuz that you haven’t purchased or is it only for songs and albums that you have purchased?

Both services allow for offline playback in their respective apps of streaming content so it downloads encrypted files that can only be played in their applications. Purchases are just normal files in the format you choose to download them and can be played via anything that supports them.


I have recently bought dx160 and run roon on it…

Generally everything fine, but I experience one problem I cannot fix.

If roon is up and at full screen everything is running fine.
If roon is minimized and I do something else, for example I browse qobuz library or browse on chrome, I have cutout while playback. As soon as I minimize it starts with cuts and as soon as I bring it back to full screen it’s fine again.
Starting a song in full screen and going to standby to listen when screen is off, everything fine… No problems while playback.

I cannot figure out what’s the issue. Reinstallation of roon just solve the problem for the first 5 minutes. Then it happens again…

2nd problem: song stops without any motivation. This happens randomly and cannot reproduced intentionally… I’m not sure, but I think this happens either when screen is on but also when screen is off…

Actually im a little unhappy…

Roon is not reliable for playback on Android currently, they are working on a full refresh to bring it up to speed. This happens on phones and tablets to so would not expect it to be any different currently on an Android based DAP. I’m looking at the DAP for portable use and when this update happens for Roon at home.

Disable app optimisation for Roon: phone settings, applications, three dot menu‚ special access, optimize battery usage. It may help.

Thanks for this… I will give it a try…

Yes… That was my intention too… Looking forward for such an update… One point more; physical buttons also don’t work in standby listening.

For mobile use I use poweramp which works perfekt. In fact this this the best dap I had so far overall (physical appearance, battery life, app possibilities) soundwise I cannot say too much as I got it 4 days ago. But what I heard so far is very satisfying

Previous daps I owned
Fiio x7II

What I miss is a second sd slot, as I have a tendency to carry too much of my digital files…

Update on this… No difference… But thanks for the hint…


Just wanted to let everyone know that updating firmware of DX160 to v1.04.150 makes wonders. In my case, at least. When on 1.03 I was unable to use it with Roon at all. Every song was starting for half a minute and playback was interrupted after a few seconds. It was unusable.
Now I have no problems at all. Playback is fine, DSP and volume leveling work ok. Next/prev hardware buttons on locked screen and hardware volume knob work as well. What is not perfect is that manual switching songs takes about a second. Not a big deal, though. Internet radio works without issues. What does not work is middle hardware pause button. Using it causes a disaster and breaks everything so that DX160 restart is needed then. Pretty happy now!

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for this update, pleased to hear you’re enjoying your Ibasso & Roon is running, but with some odd glitches. That delay when manually changing tracks, I wonder if that’s a RAM issue?

I’m not in need of a need DAP, although if I was in the market I’d likely be looking at the FiiO m11 pro or perhaps Shanling m6. I can’t imagine I’d want to spend more like on a FiiO m15 for a DAP.

Interesting that the control buttons work on the iBasso I got rid of mine after two days due to poor WiFi and Roon just hung all the time. I recently got a Hiby R5 which works great, had good WiFi but the buttons don’t work with Roon which is annoying. Every other music app they work just not Roon.

Actually, over time issue strikes back. After a few hours of being idle, iBasso DX160 needs ~10s to start playback again and tends to interrupt it. Reboot makes it work again.

I am unable to say, if this is RAM issue. When long loading time happens, I can see blue dash running from right to left and backwards in place of song progress bar. This is normal song loading animation, I think, as same happens (for a short time) on my other devices when starting online radio. I wonder why load time gets longer and longer over time on DX160. After reboot it is almost instant. After an hour it is much longer.