ID41 card / 861v8 loses "lock" to Roon

Perhaps a coincidence, but before Roon v29 I was enjoying a stable & permanent connection, regardless of what I did with my Core / Remote and 861v8.

Since the update - and like I say perhaps a coincidence - I have had regular disconnections from Roon (endpoint completely disappears) which can only be fixed by an “Audio Endpoint Reset” : approx. once per hour. Before any reset, the Meridian Sooloos Configure tool, and my router, shows that the ID41 card is still on the network. Once the forced reset is performed, the endpoint immediately appears back in Roon & we’re good to go.
My Active / Static I.P. addresses are identical.

Last night, while watching tv & leaving Roon running in the background, my 861v8 switched from TV to Roon several times of its own accord (~30mins) which was obviously not wanted, but also quite disturbing for me (and my neighbours) because of the differing material source-level…!

Have there been any networking / Meridian control updates that could affect this ?

OK, now it’s starting to get really annoying : in the time it took me to compose the above note it’s happened again : 15 minutes max…

@Rolski Have you updated to the latest Sooloos firmware version (ID41) that was released yesterday?


How ? My ID41’s not connected to any other Sooloos products - so it’s not “speaking” to the Meridian Sooloos server.
There is a USB “Maintenance” port on the card, but I would need instructions & firmware - not sure if anyone’s ever gone that route.

Hi Roland
With the weekend coming up, how far away from your Dealer are you??..and would he be able to accomodate you today to stick your 861 into their Sooloos system to do the update???

Perhaps not a bad idea - I will see if that’s possible.

Also, from previous posts, you have a Desktop running Win 8.1

Is that PC doing anything else whilst this has been getting worse…and did you try re-booting it since B29 installation??

Also, are the Tracks you are playing from local NAS…local Drive to desktop…or Tidal??

@Ronnie I had to reboot as the library showed up with 0 albums after the 29 update, after a pc reboot the library showed up correctly, then the metadata update kicked off, all good now.


@Ronnie We need Meridian to provide a way of updating a ‘Sooloos endpoint’ when there is no Sooloos core device present?

Hi Russ
This has already been tabled to Meridian…but while it will likely come, it will probably take some time…and certainly not this weekend!!

The (desk) PC is being used occasionally for e-mail / browsing, or iTunes updates to my iPod, or ripping a new CD with MediaMonkey, but no heavy usage over the last few days.
And while sitting in the lounge, there’s generally nothing at all left running on it except Roon.
I have rebooted since the v29 update, and the PC is shut-down overnight, as is my (Surface) Roon-Remote. The 861v8 is left in standby.
Tracks are on a networked NAS, through the same switch my ID41 / PC / router / backup NAS / SqueezeBox etc etc etc are all connected to.
Same experience as you : both of my PC’s showed an empty library, and the metadata scan then took a while. But since then I have rebooted, so the system should be “clean”.

Music’s been playing without interruption for the last ~35mins.

@Ronnie Thanks for the heads up, this is why I still have a Sooloos core device.


@Ronnie @Ratbert
OK, but as you allude, there are some who potentially don’t want to have a Sooloos core - in which case we’ll either have to wait for a new update method - or take some “drastic” action ourselves !

@rolski Completely agree.


Would suggest that you reboot your Roon Server desktop the next time that the ID41 is dropped

When it comes back up…try and make sure that no other apps are running [except Roon] in either the foreground or background

The basic problem here is that the Meridian Endpoint firmware are VERY sensitive to momentary “lapses” in receiving data [despite their inbuilt buffers]…and this is what causes them to fall off the network

All music data is sent from the Server to the ID41…nothing goes thru the Roon Remote…which can mean that if the Roon Server ‘delays’ sending of data to the ID41, it can fall over…hence why ensuring nothing else on the Server might help for the moment

Ultimately, the best way forward is to update to the newest 163 firmware…which is still not ideal I believe

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For what it is worth, I’m updated to 163 on my ID40 and v29 on Roon and no issues here at all (after letting Roon do its background update work, nicely indicated in the top right).

@Ronnie @Ratbert
OK, thanks Ronnie / Russ, will try out your suggestions & see how I get on.
Have just called my local dealer but he’s sold all of his Sooloos gear…but he’s contacting another (friendly) customer…so perhaps I can visit them sometime & force an update that way. Another possibility is that my contacts in the UK discover the method of update over USB, but if you say that the v163 firmware is still not “optimum” then…?
In the meantime, still no dropouts, so fingers crossed !

I am on the latest firmware / Roon App and I am a finding that Roon (on Mac Mini OS X 10.8.5) cannot always find the Meridian endpoints until / unless I go into the Sooloos core via the debug screen or Control Mac. After kicking the Meridian system like this, Roon will then find the endpoints. Earlier on, I don’t believe Roon had such difficulty in finding the endpoints.


My ID40 in an 861v4 with no other Sooloos components has been lost by Roon/dropping off the network regularly since Roon v1.0 launch day.

I’ve no idea what firmware the ID40 holds, but it was installed by M during a health check last December.

I’m on Roon build 29, used on a 2009 iMac 3.06GHz dual core, 4GB which hosts a library of around 1100 Apple lossless albums. No other software running during Roon use.

The only workaround (and it doesn’t always work) is to power cycle the 861, and the ID40 then reappears in Roon.

I haven’t mentioned this before now as I read a post by Danny (IIRC) that there’s a known issue with Meridian endpoints vanishing. Frustrating though, and does make it a deal breaker as it stands.