IDAGIO streaming service integration

Please, you could considerer include support for IDAGIO. In my opinion, IDAGIO is the best streaming service for classical music lovers. It’s lossless and share with ROON, his wonderful metadata orientation.
Thanks a lot.


I would like to second this!

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How about telling IDAGIO to support the US market 1st! Would love that service here! Sticking c Tidal and my Berlin Phil subscriptions for now! Good classical on Tidal for the most part…just gotta be creative c search strategy sometimes!

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Are you suggesting applying the ‘America First’ policy here? haha =)

:wink: beggars cant be choosers! Lots of goodies we still dont have here in the states!

I also want to second that.

I’m sorry. TIDAL is the worst streaming service for classical music lovers. Only IDAGIO or QOBUZ are good for this. And roon NO support for this services is a BIG MISTAKE


… and how about Primephonic? Launched yesterday, also streaming in hi-res!

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Tidal support was a smart move but that Roon development invested years on MQA support instead of working on integration with multiple streaming services is just beyond me. It will turn into lots of money flushed down the toilet if Tidal goes down.


@Douglasmaurer I know this note was on Apr. 27th. Actually they are here. $9.99 a month. Just signed up for the trial, without any credit card. Ironically the first Album on their site was Hillary Hann’s Bach that I have MQA on Tidal. But I am sure anyone does a better job than Tidal to offer you a better album.

Thanks for the update! I downloaded the free trial last night so far so good.

Reasonable price and good curators. Qobuz is ok but not classical oriented.
I am a suscriptor and i would like to stream it with my roon

just doing a +1 for Idagio support. I know my father for one would subscribe to Roon if it supported Idagio but it’s not worth it to him otherwise.

Please consider to integrate IDAGIO into ROON. For lovers of classical music IDAGIO is just great. Where else do you have the chance to compare lots of different interpretations of your favorite piece of music.


Idagio is the best source for discovering classical music. Also, they at least made plans for introducing hi-res formats. But their app (for Mac OS) is the worst in streaming business: it is slow, not stable and to my taste sounds not as good as Roon. Roon is flawless, full of features and have better sound.

Please, collaborate with each other for the sake of improving customer experience (and earning more profits, eventually).

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I subscribe to Idagio and Primephonic. I enjoy classical music and both sites are excellent references in this area with an advantage in Idagio. For now, I have to broadcast them in 16-44 via Airplay.Primephonic offers the HIRES but Airplay is limited.Integration would be greatly appreciated.

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I would like to underline what was said in the previous posts about IDAGIO. The amount of classical music presented there is just great, even for 20th century composers. Please consider seriously the integration into Roon.


There are already a number of threads for IDAGIO so I will not start a new one. I just found out about this and tried the free access and I really like it. I will probably not get rid of TIDAL and also have JRIVER. So the short question is, how likely is ROON to support this in the next 12 months?