Ideal NUC config for Roon Core (headless)

With the impending headless Roon release, may I ask what will be an ideal config for an Intel-based NUC:

  1. CPU
  2. Memory
  3. Harddisk: is SSD preferred?
  4. Ethernet/Wifi

It’s out there… search the forum.

something like core i3, 8GB ram, SSD for OS, ethernet, and attached storage based on your requirements.

I’d use an i5, 8gb, 250 gb hard drive ssd, gigabyte ethernet. I’d go with the gigabyte i5 Brix, just add memory, SSD and you’re done.

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250 db hard drive ssd

That’s a pretty loud ssd you’ve got there Rugby ! :smile:

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I wouldn’t expect the hard disk speed to matter much, if the storage otherwise comes off the net (e.g. from a NAS), but it would be interesting to hear what the Roon guys say about that.

I would always go for Ethernet unless it is something you carry around with you. (You shouldn’t want to carry the core. :smile:)

As for CPU and recommended amount of RAM (apart from “as much as possible”), I’d be all ears, too.

I guess the CPU is central for trying to stay fanless? Although, my NAS isn’t completely silent either, and these would be in the same spot…

I agree with you on the CPU and RAM. As long as the CPU and RAM are ‘enough’ to run the core without giving drawing too much power and hence generating too much heat that requires a fan, that will be ideal.

As for NAS, it can located other than the listening room, so any noise is a non-issue.

agree…i5 w/8gb and 64gb ssd (or 128gb if you need room for more than OS) runs fine either as a Core or as a Core/Remote system. GB Wired is my preference. And as mentioned there are just kit boards that can be purchased and using third party fanless enclosures which look really nice.

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The SSD is not a matter of “speed” it is a matter of no moving platters ( a potential noise & heat source) and less power consumption and heat which lessens the needs for fans. That everything is lightning quick is a side benefit, imho.

Well, quite frankly, the core can be located right next to the NAS and as does not itself have to be “silent” unless the Core is in your listening environment. The Remotes on the other hand are the ones which should be silent.

Fanless chassis is must!

See my chassis somwhere here

I run a standard chassis with a fan - Intel NUC i7 with 16GB and a large SSD (1TB) as my collection is fairly small (850 GB) and I use Tidal streaming a lot and hope that MQA and other hi-res streaming will be available soon enough to avoid getting a NAS for more music.
Anyway, have never heard the fan on my NUC to kick in even once since I purchased it in May.
So while fanless is very cool and surely ideal but not compulsory in my view. An SSD is though I think as HDD is very loud and slows down the system a lot.